Five Growing Online Business Niches

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Traditional brick and mortar businesses are going online, but there are also niches appearing that wouldn’t be possible without the internet, either due to the niche size or because of the necessity of technology. Are you looking for a new online business niche? Read on to find some potentially lucrative industries that are booming in 2016.

Online Gaming

Websites that provide games such as simple HTML5 games to online bingo are rapidly gaining popularity. Online gaming is no longer something just for the teenage male demographic either with a wide variety of titles appealing to a wide audience of all ages and both genders, especially now that older generations have become increasingly tech-savvy with tablets becoming fairly ubiquitous for using Facebook and Skype to keep in touch with loved ones. Visit bingo sites like landmarkbingo, an example of the many online games which have become even more mainstream in today’s society.

Online Vaping Stores

Electronic cigarettes are regarded to be a safer and cleaner alternative to smoking, and many people are using them to help with their attempts to quit smoking entirely.

Whilst most payment processing gateways still won’t support anything that potentially risks the health of consumers, the vaping industry is gaining traction due to high risk payment processors accepting debit and credit card payments whilst the likes of Stripe of PayPal will not.

Whether you’re simply a reseller of eliquids and various ecig kits, or creating your own products, you’re sure to find a sizeable market, as stores such as The Vapery have proven.

Lead Generation

Customer Relationship Management systems have become very user-friendly in recent years, most can even be used from smartphones for convenience, making lead generation for businesses a really popular option for an online business service.

As more and more online businesses pop up, they will need more leads for their services and products, thus providing an ever-growing market for experts in lead generation and refining sales funnels.

Public Relations

Most digital-first businesses find that traffic and thus sales are driven to them via social media and exposure on websites like Previous Magazine now, as these are places where consumers spend a lot of their time.

PR personnel are expected to be masters of both written and spoken communications, smartphones mean that people can operate a PR business from anywhere and keep on top of the endless deluge of emails. Individuals who specialize in PR also seek out opportunities for brand synergy and collaborations with content creators such as YouTubers as Twitch streamers.

Online Learning

It’s easier than ever to take courses online and gain great qualifications for your CV. One of our favourite services is Integrated Movement Arts, bespoke fitness courses tailored to your needs and goals supplemented by video tutorials and one-to-one feedback from qualified coaches and nutritionists. One of the most appealing factors to online learning is that consumers can usually take the course in their own time, meaning that they can work around their everyday schedule with things such as work and childcare.

Do you have any ideas for online businesses? Noticed any trends? Let us know in the comments!

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