Five Must-Have Finger Food Items at Your Wedding Ceremony

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Finger food is the perfect way to bring people together and enjoy good conversation with delicious cooking. And for the same reason, finger food is super famous in clubs, lounges, and at even wedding receptions. All the guests attending these functions like to enjoy the hors d’oeuvres served by staff members before heading to the buffet area. Hence, it becomes important to keep the flavor and popularity of these dishes in mind. Below we’ve shared a list of five tempting starter dishes which are a top favorite of the masses as per wedding caterers in Delhi.

Paneer Potli

Paneer potli

Paneer, aka cottage cheese, is the love of almost every Indian, and you can treat their taste buds with Panner Potli. It is a deep-fried dumpling filled with a flavorful mix of paneer, vegetables, and spices. It should be served with tomato ketchup or mint-coriander chutney or other dips.

Cheese Balls

The mouths of guests start watering when they hear the words ‘cheese balls’. The yummy and gooey flavor of creamy cheese and the crispy exterior of the ball make it one of the most loved appetizers by people of all ages. The best part of cheese balls is their versatile nature, because they can be paired with vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian options, like chicken cheese balls or the jalapeno cheese balls.

Chaat Baskets

Chaat baskets

While young adults love western starters like cheese balls, the elderly clan’s favorites are desi chaat baskets. It is a twist of famous street chaat, served as starters at the weddings. A fried basket-like structure is filled with the chaat mixture and topped with curd, crunchies, and some fruits. We highly recommend adding an Indian street food twist to the wedding menu with this dish.

Chicken Lollipops

Chicken lollipops

It is impossible to imagine a Punjabi wedding without alcohol and the aroma of grilled chicken. One of the most famous and loved finger foods of non-vegetarians are Chicken Lollipops. A fresh piece of chicken is marinated in exotic spices, and is grilled on an open charcoal fire to induce a smoky flavor. The grilling makes the chicken crisp on the outside and succulent inside. Trust me, this starter will make all your wedding guests go crazy and therefore must be included on the menu.

Dry Manchurian Balls

Dry Manchurian balls

A lot of people love spicy and tangy food; hence, making this oriental delight a part of your menu is obvious. You can serve Manchurian balls with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices, like chicken and mixed vegetable. The spicy, tangy, and garlicky flavor of this starter will tickle your guests’ taste buds and increase their appetite for the next course.

So, these are some of the most loved starters by wedding guests, and you should make some of them a part of your menu. Seeing their favorite dish as a part of your wedding feast will bring a million-dollar smile to their faces, and they’ll remember your wedding forever for the scrumptious food.

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