Five Pro Tips For Charging For SEO Services

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There are a lot of SEO services that you could offer to your customers, and you need to have a plan for charging for each service. You do not want to confuse your customers, and they must have something they can look up online. Try each of the five steps online to be certain that your business charges the right price for each service you give.

1. Standardize Pricing

You must have standard pricing for each customer. They simply look at the chart and see what they will pay. There should not be any room for a customer to come to you saying, “but you charged company X this much and you charged me more.” The second that you do that, you will start wasting money on jobs because you have to give discounts for services that are not supposed to be discounted.

2. Bundle Services

Create an a la carte menu that all your customers can choose from, but be certain that you have a bundling discount. The customers can get a discount when they get two services, three services, or more. You can give these discounts to everyone, and it is a standard practice that people get used to with your company. This also means that you do not have to guess when offering a bulk discount.

3. Do Not Charge For Everything

You cannot charge for customer care and basic updates to your clients. You need to charge them for the actual SEO services that you are offering, and you must be certain that they do not get surprised. Do not throw surprise fees into the bill, and make certain that your customers know precisely how much they will pay before you start charging them. You could make all your customers miserable if they are paying too much for something that they did not even really agree to.

4. Give Weekly Updates

You need to give weekly updates to your customers that will show their invoice. This is a very simple way for them to keep in touch with how much they are spending, and they will always know what they owe. You are giving your customers peace of mind, and they can never say that you did not tell them their bill was due.

5. Graduate Your Pricing

You must charge more for every new and more difficult task. Just posting some ads should be much cheaper than managing a whole website. Be certain that your graduated pricing makes sense so that you do not confuse your customers and make them wonder if you are trying to steal their money.

The question How Much To Charge For SEO Services – Why You Must Charge More must be answered with all the steps listed above. You cannot charge for an SEO service you do not understand, and you cannot change around with every new client. Be very careful with your billing procedures, be certain that you have used a system that makes sense to your staff, and post it online where your customers can see it.

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