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You’ve slathered on your makeup, plucked your eyebrows to smithereens and tried every beauty regime on the market – but your beautifying strategy has worked about as well as a chocolate teapot brewing molten lava.

Indeed, sometimes more permanent measures have to be used if you want the kind of face that would make Cara Delevigne jealous. You don’t need makeup that’ll smear off in the evening – you need a beauty plan that’ll keep you looking beautiful.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few perfect beauty tips – the kind to keep you looking great for a long time coming.

Love a laser

While you might associate lasers with satellites or Bond villains, they have a much more practical use – they can remove your pesky follicles.

If you’re hairier than Dougal from The Magic Roundabout, laser hair removal is the answer to your prayers. And unlike shaving or waxing, this removal is permanent.

Taking no more than six sessions, lasers will painlessly scythe those follicles and leave you with a completely hairless body.

What’s the long-lasting result? You’ll be able to don your bikini in summer and know you’ve got the perfect, hairless beach bod.

A simple pinprick

You’ve spotted the glittering A-listers of the celeb world using it, now it’s your turn – invest in a Botox treatment and your skin will look cleaner than a new born baby’s.

Essentially a chemical injection, a quick pinprick from Botox will toughen your skin up, flattening out any wrinkles and making you look 10 years younger.

Before you head off to a Botox clinic, consult your doctor about any potential side effects or allergic reactions that might occur – although it’s unlikely, nobody wants to walk in expecting smooth skin and walk out with a head like a balloon.

Diet? Try it!

It’s difficult, but the most natural strategies for gaining beauty are sometimes the best. So, why not find the ideal diet for you?

Staying in the good health groove certainly isn’t easy. After all, who wants to eat rabbit food when they could pick up the phone and order a Domino’s pizza?

But no matter what your beauty plan, a poor diet will throw off the balance and leave you looking about as appealing as a tramp in a bin.

And your meals don’t have to be bland and boring. Combine your superfoods (ingredients rich in protein, vitamins and minerals) with zesty lemon juice, tangy pasta sauces and electrifying beets.

Once you’ve perfected your top notch diet, figure out an exercise plan to complement it.

Even a 15 minute workout every day can be enough to make you look and feel fitter. You won’t even need your makeup bag to look bright and peppy.

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