Four Best Ways of Getting Rid of Pet Hair

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As much as you love your pet, you are certainly agitated by the hair these fluffy creatures leave behind for you to clean. It’s just unbelievable how much hair can be shed from such a small fur ball. At times you probably think that there isn’t a single spot in your house where your pet hasn’t left its mark.

If you don’t want your home to be buried under a mountain of pet hair, your only way out is regular cleaning, not less than once a day. However, sometimes it feels like you’re cleaning for hours or even days only to turn around and see freshly shed fur lying on the floor while your dog is looking innocently at you.

Among the all-time favorite cleaning tools of pet owners is the vacuum cleaner for pet hair, but there are some more tricks you can use to get rid of it efficiently. Read the following tips in order to win the never-ending battle with your fur enemy.

Vacuum regularly

The most efficient way of preventing accumulation of extra hairs is regular vacuuming. Being a pet owner means sparing time for vacuuming your house on a daily basis, which most people find extremely time-consuming and dull. Regardless of your attitude, that’s the least you can do, to keep a hair-free environment.

Anyway, your carpets and rugs aren’t supposed to be the only ones getting a vacuuming treatment. Use vacuum cleaner extensions and accessories, to access your walls, curtains and everything which might have been covered with fur.

In order to ease your cleaning process, make sure there’s enough humidity in your house, as it keeps the fur attached to the carpets or furniture. Purchasing a humidifier will not only help you clean, but also improve your breathing.

Go over the carpets one more time

Although vacuuming gets most of the job done, there is certainly some more hair reluctant to give up. Therefore, use a slightly wet sponge or mop, which you’ll employ for this purpose only. Go over the carpets and the floor again, allowing the mop to clean the leftovers. As an extra tool, take a rubber broom to gather all the hair in one place, which makes it easier to remove.

If you find the dog smell too strong for your senses, try using soda or a fabric softener instead of water for dampening your sponge or mop. It’ll eliminate both the fir and the bad smell. Visit this page for more tips on neutralizing pet odors.

Cat sleeping on couch

Choose appropriate materials

The fabric of your carpets and furniture has a lot to do with gathering fur. Some materials are simply bound to attract more hair than others. Regardless of how soft the cotton feels, it the worst enemy when it comes to attracting hairs.

You need a material such as leather which doesn’t let it to attach. However, homeowners rarely choose such fabrics as they might be less complicated for cleaning, but they’re certainly uncomfortable for use.

Perhaps, the simplest solution would be to purchase a blanket which is going to be strictly used for your animal. Whenever your cat or dog wishes to set foot on your sofa or bed, cover them prior it lies down. Having a few blankets is the perfect solution, as you’ll have to wash them regularly.

Take care of your pet

The hygiene of your pet is the primary source of excessive hair shed. Every owner should pay proper attention to brushing and bathing its animal. There are special type of brushes, especially designed for getting rid of excessive hairs. You must make a habit out of brushing your pet, regardless of how much it hates it.

Doing it outside is more efficient, as the fur ends up on the ground or it’s scattered in the air. However, if you don’t have a yard or the weather is not suitable for this activity, then you don’t have an alternative, but doing it at home. Remember to put a blanket on the spot where you plan to do the brushing.

Bathing is another obligation which has to be done at least once a month. Using special shampoos and conditioners will help in reducing the amount of fur which ends up shed, particularly in the time periods when shedding is expected, such as in autumn and spring.

Wrap up

You have to love your pet a lot, in order to go through the trouble of keeping your house clean. Make sure you vacuum properly and thoroughly, use wet mop for the carpets and soda to neutralize the unpleasant smell.

Try to choose fabrics which don’t attract hair and most importantly take regular care of your dog or cat.

Create a clean environment for everyone to live in!

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