Three Good Options for Different Closets in Your California Home

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If you’re in the phase of moving house or relocating to new accommodation and you’re looking for ways to get organized and make the most of every open space that you have. There are tons of different ideas that you can access online or from other people who have used them successfully.

Then once that’s possibly the most prevalent of the lot are the closets and closet organizers. It is always best to keep all your belongings behind closed doors, away from the eyes of guests and yourself, and there’s no better way than doing it with these.

Before you start to think that it may be too much of a hassle or you’re not sure which one would be the perfect fit for your space, we will be including the relevant information for you below including the different types available on the market, and the best part is, you don’t need to lift a finger. There are tons of reasons why this is a good idea, further information can be found in this online source.

There are many ways in which people tend to organize their spaces, some use their methods, such as recycling delivery boxes or buying storage boxes from stores such as IKEA and throwing the whole wardrobe in them. But if you’re like us and into the more organized method, coupled with a great looking one too that appeals to the eye, below are some options to choose from.

Different Types of Closets

A Master Closet. A master closet or also known as a walk-in closet is one that typically fits into the main bedroom, where there is more space for it. This is the best option for anyone who has space to use and wants to keep it away from the rest of the bedroom where you can walk in, get dressed to your heart’s content and walk out a new person.

These are very convenient as they can either stay open or shut, depending on personal preference, plus they have ample storage space comprised of everything from rods that are installed across space from one wall to the other or from one side of the closet to the other. There are also soft-close drawers that can be installed, shelves, countertops, and a dresser made of materials from marble to granite or wood. Dovetail drawers are also a great addition, as well as other preferred accessories.

This is a great option to make a room look large as well and is the best option to make sure the entire part of the room is used and not left to waste, especially due to it being custom-made for that space.  And when choosing the design, you want, which is possibly the most exciting part of it all, you can browse through tons of different designs, colors, materials. There are some very interesting ideas on the market nowadays, you will be spoilt for choice


Garage Closets. That’s right, we also have this in our category of options, and a very popular choice or storage and a very good idea. Out of all the spaces in any home, the garage is possibly the most underestimated when it comes to storage and the amount of space it has. Because we park our car in it, we often think, that’s about all its good for, but we’re here to tell you otherwise.

Garage space can be turned into one of the best organization spaces available, not only is a handy space where you can put just about anything, you can make it just as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of the house and to match all the other furniture inside your house, especially if you use wooden structures.

The easiest way to evaluate whether you have enough space is to look at the walls, all around, front-back, and sides on the garage. If there is enough space to park your car(s) and then some, you’re in business!

All the above options can be of a very handy, especially if your lacking space or have too much stuff that you don’t know what to do with. Plus, if nothing else, a clean and tidy house just looks good.

A Children’s Closet. Also, another very popular option to make sure all your kid’s things are kept away in an organized fashion. Let’s face it, kids have a lot of things and as they grow older these things either get exchanged for other items or get thrown away in some corner never to be seen again until you move house. When you teach your kids the art of organization and keeping things where they belong in their right place, you are not only keeping their rooms neat and tidy but you are also instilling in them discipline.

Small children’s rooms usually need more shelves than hanging space, as they grow older and grow out of their clothes, these can be folded and kept on their shelves until given away or passed on to other family or friends, like hand-me-downs.

They can also keep their shoes on the shelves, along with storage boxes with all their toys, neatly tucked away on the shelf. This is a great idea because the closet organizers can be adjusted as your children get older, so if rods have been installed for when they are smaller, these can be taken up a notch every couple of years to allow for more space for larger clothes.

The suggestion here is to also have a tower of baskets or drawer banks instead of getting a chest of drawers in the room, this is handy plus cost-effective and easier to move around and clean as opposed to a heavy chest of drawers. This can be installed too, once the children get older. Some closet organizers, such as California closets Greenville SC, for example, usually can create custom made structures for all kinds of rooms including children’s rooms

What also nice is that these structures can even have desk space in them as well, so this could also be an option that gives your kids a place to do their homework or sit on their laptops as they get older.

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