How to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

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When we buy a home, we would like to think that by the time we move out of it, the value will have risen. There are lots of occasions where this is not the case though. You may have bought your home during a house price spike, and since then prices may have dropped slightly. The house may have fallen into disrepair for one reason or another. There may have been an accident that has left parts of the home damaged, or there could be other issues with the house. All of these problems will put your house into negative equity. That means that if you sell up, you lose money on it. And, let’s be honest that is very far from being an ideal situation.

But, if you are in a position where you need to move for whatever reason, then you should consider the fact that you will need to do some work to the property before you put it up for sale. You will want to add on some considerable value before it goes on the market, or you will be out of pocket and you may struggle with the purchase of your next property.


One area that you can look at adding value to your home is to modernize the fixtures and fittings. Often these can cause the value of the property to decline if they are not up-to-date or in good condition.

Have a look at getting a full kitchen makeover. New cupboards and kitchen sides will help to make this important area of your home seem more desirable. The same should go with your bathroom. Functional rooms such as these can take a lot of abuse over the years and as such will end up being quite run down. Switching out your bathroom suite will make everything look and feel much cleaner and tidier.

Heating and wiring are also areas that may be of concern, and you should look at getting quotes to see if this would benefit your selling price.

Decorating and Decluttering

Decorating your home is vital if you want to raise your potential asking price. Paint the entire home white as this will help create a much better sense of light and space. Whatever size your home is, white paint and natural light will make the place seem bigger which will make the home more attractive to potential buyers.

Painting your home will also create a blank canvas so that the potential buyer can envisage changes that they will make. They will want to put their own stamp on the property and in order to do this, you will need to make the home feel as empty and spacious as possible.

Box up as many of your possessions as possible and look into storing these away somewhere until you move. If you have any furniture that you don’t need, get rid of this too. The more spacious the home appears, the better. Nobody wants to buy a home if they feel claustrophobic in it.

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