Four Ways to Improve Productivity

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Throughout life, you should always strive to better yourself and learn new things. One way to improve yourself is to work on your productivity, as the more productive you are the better you are at your job and the more likely you are to be promoted. No matter what job you work at, whether that be a personal injury law firm, or as a teacher, there is always a way to improve your productivity. Below are four ways to improve.

Plan Your Day Ahead

By making a plan in the morning or the day before you know what is needed to do that day and can strive to achieve it. Without a plan, you may find yourself feeling distracted as you don’t know what next to do, or what to do all together. By writing down a plan or using an app, you can reduce the chances of you missing an important task, or worse yet, a certain deadline.

Do the Hardest Task First

When you look at your to-do list do you have certain tasks you put off doing and then not doing them at all? It happens to a lot of people. Many people will choose to do the easier tasks in order to get them ticked off their list but then struggle to do the more difficult task later in the day. Instead try and reverse this, as soon as you get in the office start on the hardest task to get it complete. Not only will this make you more productive but it will also reduce the stress of having big tasks not complete when you leave the office.

Take a Break

This might sound strange but in certain situations taking a break can actually make you more productive. If you find yourself working hard through your lunch breaks you will end up overworking yourself and producing work that isn’t as good as your best and not being productive. By taking a break you can rest and come back to the work with a fresh mind ready to take on the day again. It always a good idea to leave the office and go for a walk around the block to get some fresh air and to not look at a screen.

Turn Off Email Notifications

How many times do you find yourself working to then switch off suddenly when you see an email come in? Emails are extremely useful but also unhelpful when it comes to productivity. A lot of people use their work emails as a way to distract themselves from the task in hand without even realising. By turning off your email notifications you will not know when emails are coming in, reducing your chances of getting distracted by them. It’s also worth logging out of your social media channels as things like Facebook and Twitter can also be distracting.

What do you do to be more productive? What tips would you recommend to our readers? Let us know in the comment box below, we would love to hear from you.

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