Free And Accurate: 3 Things You Need To Know About PDF Bear

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A reliable online tool that allows users to convert PDF Files is probably something you’re going to need sooner or later. PDF format files are fairly standard these days for every educator, learner, and even corporate employees. With this fact, a reliable and accurate PDF editor is useful, if not essential, in completing our tasks. Anyone can do all of these things in an online PDF editor and converter named PDF Bear.

To add to the amazing and helpful features, anyone can use PDF Bear for free, users do not need to shell out any amount of money to convert any of their PDF files. Anyone using PDF Bear will also be able to use an accurate and reliable and accurate PDF editor just by visiting the PDF Bear website, no software installations required!

Throughout this article, we will name some of our favorite features about PDF Bear and why it is one of our go-to online tools.

Convert Almost Any File to PDF

PDF Bear allows users to edit, annotate, and convert files into PDF formats. Users will be able to take any file format like Excel and turn it into a PDF. Other formats that users will be able to convert are JPG to PDF, Microsoft Word to PDF, and many more. Head to the PDF Bear website to see if it has the required compatibility for your conversion.

PDF Bear has one of the most complete feature sets for editing, annotating, and converting PDFs. Of course, with their well-rounded features and at a free price point, it easily makes our list of favorites. Users will be able to import any files from their PC, hard drives, and other hardware. Another neat feature is that anyone will have the ability to import documents for editing or conversion from their Google Drive or Dropbox. Import the file or material that you wish to edit or convert and let PDF Bear do its thing!

PDF Conversion Process: Detailed Overview

It is only right that you have an idea of how to use PDF Bear in converting your files to PDF format. In this scenario, we are going to talk about converting JPG to PDF. We hope that this would give you an overview of how simple and easy it is to convert files into PDF.

First off, you will have to upload your JPG or any other image files that you wish to convert. After, several options will prompt you to choose the best one for your needs. Now, all you have to do is to tap or click “Convert!” and let PDF Bear do its thing. The conversion process is fairly quick, depending on the size of the file, and will then be ready for download.

Almost an identical conversion process takes place in other file format conversions. It is as easy as selecting any file or document from your devices, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.

Is PDF Bear Safe To Use?

We understand that some users may doubt the safety of using an online tool like PDF Bear, especially when uploading potentially sensitive documents.

PDF Bear assures its users’ full security and privacy through SSL encryption, you do not have to worry about anyone snooping through your files while you use PDF Bear. Peace of mind is essential in working with any document or file. You will not see any contract, document, image, or other file imported leak on the internet, PDF Bear automatically deletes any successful conversion or edit. PDF Bear protects your privacy and your documents with security features like these.


PDF Bear is one of the best online tools anyone can use to edit, annotate, or convert their PDF files. PDF Bear offers a wide variety of tools that should cater to any PDF editing, annotating, and conversion needs.

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