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Many people who live in small apartments feel like they are running out of space and don’t know what to do. A room can seem like the perfect size until someone walks in. Whether it’s a small living room or bedroom, there are many tricks for making your space feel bigger and more welcoming. Small rooms can be a pain to live in. They feel cramped and claustrophobic, making it difficult for you to relax or enjoy your time at home. There are many ways to make your small room seem much bigger with just a few adjustments! Check out this blog post for some genius tips that will make your tiny room seem much bigger than it is.

Chose Colours Wisely

It’s not enough to paint your walls a neutral colour; the type of colours you choose can play an important role in making the room feel bigger and brighter. We recommend choosing pastel or light-coloured furnishings as well, which will help create the illusion of more space around them. Try not to paint dark colours on the walls as it will make the room appear smaller.

Keep a Simple, Clean Layout

There are many ways to make a small room feel much larger than it is—the way you set up your furniture in that space is one of them! Keeping things simple will allow space between pieces of furniture or decoration, making for an airier space. You don’t want to overburden the room with too many objects, so it’s best to keep things simple and clean. In this way, you can take advantage of all the space in your small room! To make a small room feel bigger, keep furniture and accessories simple and light. Place striped wool rugs on the floor for a cool look.

Low-Level Furniture

If you are struggling with a small space to furnish, opt for furniture built low to the ground. This will take up less space and give off an airier feel than if there was tall furniture taking up too much flooring surface in your tiny room! Some good examples of low-to-the-ground pieces include sofas, footstools, and coffee tables.

Tables with Legs

If your small room is in dire need of a dining area, opt for a table with four legs instead of one with a pedestal base. A lower height means there will be less furniture taking up space on the floor! Be careful when choosing where to place it, because if you put it too near the window, it will block the view, and if you put it too far away from a window or other light source, your room will seem gloomy. Make your small room feel bigger by layering a rug under the table.

Double-Sided Mirrors

If you your hallway is narrow, consider placing mirrors opposite each other on each wall! This is an easy way to create the illusion of a bigger space. Mirrors can give an area a relaxed look and make it appear bigger because they reflect light. Mirrors are a great way to make your small room feel so much more spacious!

Go for Upholstery in Plain Colours and Small Prints

You can make your small room feel bigger by going for upholstery in plain colours and smaller prints. This is an excellent way to add some colour without making the space seem too full or crowded. A small print will make your small room look so much more spacious and bigger! A neutral-coloured area rugs can make a room seem larger.

Adding Height to Your Bedroom

If you need a bedroom update, consider adding height in the form of bookshelves or even just with some boxes piled up on their side. This is such a great way to create the illusion of space without actually taking up much space. Be sure to fill your bookshelves with lots of books to make it more visually interesting. This is such a good idea to add extra sightlines and make the room feel much more spacious.

Take Advantage of Vertical Spaces

One way to take advantage of vertical spaces is by using vertical storage in your room. This is a best option for people who want to maximize their space without taking up any more horizontal floor space. Try hanging some clothes on hooks, which can take up much less room than you think!

Opt for Folding Furniture

Folding furniture is an awesome option for small spaces that need to be utilized in the best way possible. It maximizes space and makes it look like you have a lot more than what’s available, so your room looks bigger! Indeed, it is a versatile and chic piece of furniture: both practical and fashionable.

Add Colourful Throw Pillows

Adding some colourful throw pillows can make any living space look larger, but also vibrant and joyful. Throw pillows are a quick way to spruce up your living space while adding some extra colour. Plain bed linen with colourful pillows makes a statement.

Don’t Go Crazy Over Accessories.

It’s easy considering the idea that every accessory you buy will make a room look bigger. However, if your living space has too many decorative items in it, then when someone enters, they may feel claustrophobic and overwhelmed by all of the clutter around them.

Make Some Room for the Natural Light

Natural light is a key ingredient to making any space look larger. The more windows you have in your house, the more natural light can shine inside and bounce off walls.

Don’t Disguise Windows with Curtains or Shades.

If you’ve got less than perfect window coverings, then this might be the cause of your room feeling claustrophobic. The best thing to do is to open any curtains or shades and let fresh air in through those windows! Go for soft, flowy fabric curtains. If you have a larger room, let the air flow. You can install a door so that it opens to an outside area while still maintaining privacy, or even place floor-to-ceiling windows on your walls that will make all of the space seem more open.

One Final Note

Making small rooms appear bigger is easier than you think! Order a rug from RugKnots today and make your room come alive. Don’t let the size of your living space get in the way of creating an inviting home for yourself or your family.

Image Credits: Vecislavas Popa

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