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A killer gaming PC is just one half of the equation. To have a great gaming setup, you need a number of other furniture items and accessories too. As Jonathan from TLD through his Dream Desk video series pointed out, the right desk and other accessories are just as important as the PC or Mac you use. There are some interesting items you should add to your setup to make it more complete, and we’re going to talk about those items in this article.

A Comfortable Chair

An ergonomic chair will allow you to enjoy hours of gaming without suffering from backaches and other issues. There are plenty of great chairs to choose from, but the Weston High Back by Eliza Tinsley is a great option to look into. It’s shaped beautifully and will support your upper body as you sit in front of your computer. It looks great too and the item is currently available for less than £180 at

If you want an even more hardcore setup, you need to look at some gaming chairs. The gaming chairs from DXRacer are notoriously popular among gamers. As the name suggests, these gaming chairs are designed to look like bucket seats in a sports car. They may not be the most comfortable option out there, but they will definitely make your gaming setup look even cooler than before.

A Matching Desk

The desk on which your gaming PC and monitors sit is also an important element to consider. You can’t just settle for any old desk if you want the setup to look good and function beautifully. Ideally, you want a desk with a height of 75cm for maximum comfort. Go for a desk that is thick enough to support your monitors and CPU without flexing.

Evodesk is perhaps the best option to look into if you’re on the market for gaming desks. It is an adjustable desk that can be used sitting down or standing. The adjustable height mechanism is very smooth too, so there is no need to worry about your monitor or other items falling over as you adjust the height of the desk.

Another interesting choice is the Atlantic Gaming Desk. The carbon fibre finish and exposed frames make the desk look awesome on its own. It has slots for your controllers and smartphones. It even has a built-in cup holder for your drinks.

The Sound Setup

Last but certainly not least, you need to let loose and play your favourite games on an awesome set of speakers every now and then. Gaming headsets are great, but nothing beats hearing Metal Gear Rex walk past you in 3D Surround Sound. For this, there are two accessories your desk needs.

First, you need a good soundcard that supports 5.1 speaker configuration. There are plenty of options to choose from and almost all of them are great for gaming, if you’re a little overwhelmed, try searching online for “pc builder” and your local expert will likely be able to assist. Second of all, you need a set of speakers. For this, we recommend picking up the infamous Logitech Z-5500. It’s a gaming classic; one that will pamper your ears and present you with an immersive gaming experience. Add these to your desk and you will have a complete gaming setup, ready to be taken for a spin.

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