Has Online Gaming Technology Gone Too Far?

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Over the last few years, online gaming technology has improved leaps and bounds. From mobile games and 3D interfaces, to live dealer tables, the online casino industry is now a veritable kaleidoscope of colours and fancy animations.

However, for all the genre’s progress in recent years, have things now gone too far? According to recent reports, Topless Casino is a new online gaming venture that will push the boundaries and offer a unique virtual casino experience. As you can probably deduce from its name, when you follow the sign “click here to win at Topless Casino” you’ll find a bevy of topless beauties who are all trained to oversee various table games, including blackjack, roulette and baccarat.

The risqué venture is a product of the latest trend in the igaming industry: live dealer tables. By combining RFID technology with innovative software and live camera feeds, online casinos across the world have been able to offer live dealer games. Taking all the positives of the live casino word and fusing them with the benefits of online gaming, these live dealer games have become hugely popular with regular online gamers.

Technology Pushing the Boundaries

However, with the igaming market reaching a point of saturation, new operators have been forced to create their own niche; even if it means causing some offense in the process. As yet the jury is out on Topless Casino, but given the current market conditions it’s no surprise it came into being. Thanks to a perfect storm created by new technology and a crowded market space, sites like Topless Casino seem like a natural phenomenon.

Although sites like this Topless might not ever become mainstream, there will certainly be a place for them in the cyber market. The whole ethos of the internet is freedom of expression and if that means offering gamblers a place to play where the dealers don’t mind showing offer their assets, then who are we to argue.

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