How to Monetize Your TikTok Account

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Social media apps bring so much traffic these days now that people are staying at home because of the coronavirus pandemic. Such social media apps have brought entertainment to everyone, including TikTok, the most popular app on Earth today.

TikTok shook the world and took social media to a whole new level. The app has started a craze where a diverse audience, including famous influencers and celebrities, uses the app. TikTok is a music and video app where users can film themselves lip-syncing or dancing to the latest TikTok trend.

While many are now on TikTok, people with an audience might think, “Can I monetize my TikTok account? If yes, how can I monetize it?” If you have the same thoughts, don’t worry. In this article, we will guide on how to make money using your TikTok account.

What is TikTok?

In September 2016, Tik Tok, managed by a Chinese firm ByteDance, debuted as DouYin in China and was then presented as TikTok in 2017 to the international market. The app deserves a thumbs up for being an excellent app for this generation.

TikTok has been promoting a quick clip display and has been creating a phenomenon among teenagers ever since it was launched. The numbers show that 500 million teenagers and young people are now addicted to viewing TikTok’s 15-second videos.

TikTok is a social video-sharing app with which people are allowed to film, edit and post 15-second clips with transitions, audio, graphics, visual effects, and much more.

Users can even watch, rate, and report anything they see, much like their other social networking users. TikTok is suitable for use on iOS and Android devices. TikTok is here to make social networking sites enjoyable again, nothing more and nothing less.

How to Monetize Your TikTok Account

Just like almost every other internet-based fad, another curious question with TikTok emerged: “Can you earn money from this phenomenon?” The answer is yes, of course users can.

Although TikTok is not expressly designed for revenue generation and supplying developers with revenue sources, the software is advertising-friendly, and the inventive use of the framework makes it possible to earn a decent living.

TikTok does not grant producers the profitability of their video clips on this channel. Developers can obtain advertising and label contracts for their posts via TikTok, particularly if they do have a sizable audience.

Be a TikTok Influencer

Becoming a social media ‘influencer’ really is a legal path to commercializing your web activity. An influencer possesses the power to impact certain people’s buying choices due to their success, reputation, or interaction with their crowd.

Some individuals have invested their time and energy into social media to become an online influencer. In recent years, however, the word ‘influencer’ has earned negative connotations.

This is mainly because so many attractive young people aspire to be social media influencers, and on social media platforms, such as Instagram, they purchase thousands of fake social media followers. Unless you’re as famous as the Kardashians, it’s difficult to become popular.

If you want to become a self-made influencer without buying fake accounts, the best way to monetize your TikTok account is by posting engaging content and creating trends.

It is also helpful to engage more with other users. That way, your content will be seen by more people and you will be followed by more users. Content is significant when becoming a social media influencer, so you should focus on creating useful and entertaining content.

Do Livestreaming on TikTok

Users may buy ‘coins’ through in-app transactions, utilizing real currency. They can then use their tokens (or other in-app cryptocurrency derivatives) to reward developers from TikTok.

It effectively offers them a tiny sum of cash as a thank you for making some excellent live content. TikTok transfers 75% of the tip to the person who made the video broadcast, crediting their account.

Promoting Your Business 

This is likely the best method for companies to make a profit through TikTok, though without accruing an enormous number of followers and being a social media influencer. The key is having some other type of business or shop, and using TikTok as a completely free strategy to enhance, promote, and market your goods and services.

You can also advertise your company, whether it be dorky, creative, geeky, or even just for pure fun. You can be as creative as you want when advertising your company on TikTok, even with only a simple 15-second video.

For example, if you owned a photography studio, you could promote your business by creating amazing and awesome clips to showcase how great your studio is. Don’t forget to add a camera emoji for better emphasis on how great your photos and videos are. If you ever create at least one viral video, it is gonna be one heck of a promotional campaign.


It is not impossible to monetize on social media, even on TikTok. All you need to do is have a good number of followers and views, do interactive activities such as live streaming, or upload good content that will promote your business. It’s not that expensive to do; you just need to be smart about your promo strategies.

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