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InsTube App for Android Review 7Streaming media is as popular as ever, but streaming content to our phones consumes quite a bit of data. Wouldn’t it be great if we could download it straight to our phones, store it, and not have to mess around with programs on a computer? Luckily we can with the InsTube app for Android.

Navigating InsTube is simple; upon launching InsTube, you are presented with a list of bookmarks of popular media platforms, from which you can download content. These bookmarks are presented in large, aesthetically pleasing circles that make it easy to use at a glance even whilst walking around. You can also add additional ones, and remove ones that you aren’t interested in, resulting in an experience that’s customized to your personal taste and viewing habits. Notably, being able to download content from YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


InsTube App for Android Review 8Downloading only on WiFi is the default, though you can change it if you choose to. You can also choose how many downloads you want active simultaneously, very useful for not slowing down your phone or thrashing your internet connection if other people are using it.

The formats supporting by InsTube are MP3, MP4, 3GP and M4A. InsTube can identify supported links from your clipboard for download, resulting in a speedy way to go from your normal app to downloading the content that caught your attention.

The quality of the downloaded content is impressive, far better than most solutions that I’ve come across. You are able to choose the quality of the download that you want, meaning that you don’t need to download the 1080p YouTube video of your favorite podcast if all you’re interested in is listenable audio quality, and if your favourite podcast is just audio with no camerwork involved, then you can download the audio from the YouTube video, which will save space, bandwidth and time. Likewise, this is a great way of downloading tutorials and other leaning materials to your phone.

Outside of Previous Magazine, I offer a film scoring service, so I downloaded Goatman, an indie b-movie slasher flick that I worked on the soundtrack for with Lost & Found. Keeping with the theme of Lost & Found, I went and downloading a remix from SoundCloud that Lost & Found did for Character Assassination, which proved to be quick and easy. With the fate of SoundCloud up in the air, there’s never been a better time to download your favorite mixes in case things take a turn for the worst.

Once downloaded, you’re then able to share the content via a conveniently integrated sharing option that appears when you select a piece of media.InsTube App for Android Review 9

The Private section is passworded so that you can keep your dirty little secrets like listening to Justin Bieber to yourself! Making content private is as simple as selecting it and then choosing ‘Hide.


A dark theme would be a welcome update to the app as the user interface is a little bright for my taste, particularly late at night when I’m likely to want to watch content on my phone in bed or on an overnight flight, though it is definitely presented well compared to most Android apps, and utilizes the typical hamburger menu to great effect.

Whilst streaming media is fairly ubiquitous in 2017, we aren’t always able to be online when we’re outside or traveling. InsTube is a must if you’re going abroad and want to take some media with you for the trip. I’m now able to watch my favorite YouTube channels whilst offline in the subway system.

The APK file is available to download directly, which is great if your device lacks Google Play Services, or you don’t want to compromise your privacy. Google don’t allow InsTube on Google Play as it could potentially be misused to commit copyright infringement, that might worry some of you, but the InsTube app is also verified as being secure, and the developers don’t collect any information on their users.

InsTube is completely free and doesn’t feature any in-app purchases currently, whether it will in the future remains to be seen, but I feel that it’s an app worth paying to remove the ads in if it ever does add them. Download InsTube for Android today!

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4 years ago

instube is one of the best video downloder in 2020