Growth Guide – 5 Steps To Take if You’ve Outgrown Your Current Business Premises

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If you thought moving house was stressful, wait until you’re in the thick of relocating your business. Though there’s no getting around the fact that this will be a difficult process with many moving parts, there are ways to get them all working in harmony.

If you’ve outgrown your current premises, follow the steps below to make the transition to your new location as smooth as possible:

1. Set up a temporary way station

If you’re rushing to find a new setup before your current lease runs out, you’re at risk of settling for something less than ideal. To cut back on stress and give yourself time to find the perfect location, it’s worth moving into a serviced office while you property hunt.

With a serviced office, you can book as much space as you need, with no lock-in contracts. You’ll have all your costs rolled into one simple bill, and will usually have use of all sorts of amenities, like a gym, e-bikes, and cafeteria. Most importantly, this move will give you the time you need to negotiate the best possible deal for your new permanent office space.

2. Consider business finance

When your business is in a growth phase, it can help to have an extra injection of funds to help you power forward. With finance, you may be able to shift to a new premises that will serve you well for the next ten years or more. Without it, you may be forced to select a less than perfect option from which you will have to move on much sooner. Only you can determine whether business finance will be helpful in your particular set of circumstances. However, it should at least be something you put some time and consideration into.

3. Don’t neglect your team

When moving to a new premises, you’ll have many considerations running through your mind. From the size of the space and its location to the layout and the equipment supplied, there are so many factors to be ticked off your list.

With all this going on, it’s important that you don’t neglect your team. You may find the ideal location for all your practical needs, but if it doesn’t suit your workers, you’ll be in trouble. The last thing you want is a mass exodus from staff members who don’t like the new location and feel devalued because you failed to give them a say.

4. Bring in the experts

Once you’ve worked out everything you and your team are hoping to find in your new premises, it may be worth your while to bring in the aid of a commercial real estate agent. These experts know how to find precisely what you’re looking for and how to negotiate on your behalf to ensure you get a lease agreement you can work with.

5. Outsource the laborious work

It may be tempting to get your team to help you make the move. However, this pushes the bounds of what’s reasonable. You can’t expect staff to help you move without pay. However, if you pay them overtime, you’ll end up spending as much (or more) than you would by hiring a professional commercial removalist.

Take the stress out of the process for you and your employees by bringing in professionals to do the hard work for you. Commercial removalists specialize in business relocations, so you can relax in the knowledge that you’re in good hands.

Follow the steps above, and you can transform this time from stressful to exciting as you envision the growth and success that lie ahead.

Image Credits: Viktor Forgacs

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