Helpful Minecraft Building Tips for Dummies

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Building is part of the fun of Minecraft. You can explore the Minecraft world and build complex structures from the resources available. Here are a few tips to get you started if you are new to building on Minecraft.

Punch a Tree

You can’t do anything in Minecraft without wood. The only way to get wood in Minecraft is from trees. You need wood to build and mine and punching a tree is a simple way to get wood in the game. Once you have some wood, open up your inventory and place your logs in there. Each log gives you four planks, so turn all of your logs into planks. Turn some of the planks into sticks. Make a crafting table, put it down, open it and make a wooden pickaxe. Now you are ready to go looking for stone, and from there you can make a stone pickaxe, and mine for coal.

Build a Home

Night time on Minecraft is a scary place. All kinds of nasty creatures inhabit Minecraft servers at night, so you need a safe place to go. You don’t have to build a house on Minecraft, but if you want to survive the creepers, zombies, spiders and other nasties, it is a good idea to start building pretty quickly. If you do end up stuck outdoors with no house to shelter in, dig a hole or find a cave to shelter in.

Create an Attractive Home

The only limit to building homes on Minecraft is your imagination. You can build any kind of structure you like with the materials available, so this is your opportunity to let your creativity flow. Wood is the most basic building material and will probably be the first material you use. However, although wood is perfectly fine, it can be a bit boring if everything is made from wood.

Use Contrasting Materials

For best results, use contrasting materials. For example, if the walls are made out of wood, use stone or carpet for the floor. And don’t forget to craft some glass for your windows so your home is well-lit in the daytime. Glass is crafted by melting sand in a furnace.

Building Roofs

The simplest structures on Minecraft have four walls and a flat roof. You will need a roof to protect you from the elements and nasty spiders, which are very good at climbing walls, by the way.

To begin with, you will be happy with a flat roof, but as your skills develop, have a go at creating more exciting structures with different designs. The easiest way to create a pitched roof on Minecraft is to use a stair block structure. Create a layer of stair blocks and then go one block in for the next layer. Repeat until you reach the top, at which point finish with a flat layer of blocks.

Crafting Circles on Minecraft

Because Minecraft is a block building sandbox game, constructing circular structures is technically very difficult, but you can create the illusion of a circle by building sideways stair steps.

Sheep’s Wool for a Comfy Bed

Sheep on Minecraft provide wool. Collect wool for the bed in your new home, for wool is soft and comfortable. The one thing you can’t do with sheep is eat them, so don’t even try. Instead, go looking for cows and pigs if you need to eat meat.

Let There Be Light on Minecraft

Your home will need light. Ice and water blocks let light in, but they are not the best solution if you want a well-lit area. Once you have lots of ingredients, you can go to town on the lighting, but earlier on in the game when there isn’t a lot to choose from, try crafting torch lights with glass beneath. These look pretty and are an effective light source at night.

Don’t Dig Straight Down or Up!

An important tip when building on Minecraft is not to dig directly up or down. You can excavate blocks out at an angle, but if you try and dig straight down or up, you will hit lava. Lava is useful on Minecraft, but it will kill you if you are not careful, so keep a bucket of water handy to douse the lava if you are unfortunate enough to end up in any.

Don’t forget to terraform the terrain around your home on Minecraft. Use terraforming to make your home more attractive, and also to hide traps for unwitting predators.

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