Here’s Our Top 5 Action Films for Your Summer Movie Night

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Planning a summer movie night in (or two)? We know it can be quite a challenge to pick a movie that’s a crowd-pleaser, so we’ve collaborated with the team at bgo to bring you a list of action classics and favourites to re-watch. Your guests might already be familiar with the plot, but these films are so iconic they’re always fun to watch again, especially with good company. And who knows, there might be someone who hasn’t watched them yet.

So prepare some snacks and gather round the TV for an action-packed list featuring movies that pioneered the action genre in the 1990s and early 21st century. From a future where machines have turned on humanity in The Matrix, to an exhilarating adventure on an exotic island in King Kong, we’re sure your guests will rediscover much-loved favourites.

Plus, if you can’t get enough of the action after you’ve watched the movies, bgo’s got you covered with their online slots based on the movies themselves. Check them out!

Iconic Action Films to Re-watch this Summer infographic

Image Credits: Georgia Vagim

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