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Nothing will transform your home inside and out more than installing new windows and doors. Windows let light into our rooms every day, they bring the outside world inside. They come in all shapes and sizes fit for many purposes, and in a variety of styles, colours and finishes. But in order to achieve this, you must first face facts that your old windows need to be replaced, and this alone is a daunting task and one many haven’t had to navigate before. So, today we’re going to help guide you through the process. Consider installing gas strut windows from BetaView. These windows are the latest development in the window technology.

Common myths to replacing windows

First, let’s cover some common myths surrounding replacing windows in your home.

Replacing windows will cause damage to my home – these windows have been in place for many years, so the idea of removing them can seem scary. Will removing them create issues with the surrounding wall? Will my interior be damaged in the removal process? The simple answer is no. Good window fitters should be able to carry out their work without moving a single brick let alone cause any damage to your home.

All window fitters are the same – as with any service, window fitting is a skill that is acquired over years of experience and knowledge in the industry. It is a skilled job, so no matter how high quality the product you have purchased, it is going to be down to the fitter as to how effective they are and how long they will last. But we’ll get back to that later on in this article.

Best time to replace is summer – one of the most common myths. Windows can be replaced within a day sometimes. So no need to worry about gaping holes letting the cold in during the winter months. Even if the windows aren’t being replaced in the same day, any habitual rooms will be more than sheltered from the outside world during the window installation process.

Can I install my own windows?

If you are considering installing new windows in your home, inevitably most of us would have the thought ‘can I install my own windows’ cross our mind at least once. Why? Maybe you’re looking to save a few dollars, or you may be a big fan of DIY. Of course, there is nothing to stop you from installing your own windows, so long as you are confident with the following three steps:

  1. Order windows correctly – if you are installing yourself, you want to ensure that the first and most important step has been carried out correctly or it’s going to throw off the entire process.
  2. Remove old windows – installing new windows is one thing, but don’t forget that in order to install the new, you first need to remove the old. This task alone may be enough to make you consider engaging with the professionals.
  3. Install new windows – and finally, the new window installation.

If you do decide to go down the route of installing your new windows for your home yourself and are confident that you can not only order the right solution for every room in your home but are also well equipped to effectively and safely remove the old windows and frames, then at least consider the hidden costs that many don’t.

Tools required – removing and installing new windows requires specific tools, an investment you will need to make at the start, remembering that they may only ever be used for this one-off occasion. And when we say tools, don’t forget the all-important safety wear. You and your team of helpers, as let’s be honest you won’t be able to tackle this mammoth task alone, all need to be kitted out with the right safety wear for the job to avoid injury (and argument!).

Building materials – again with the above point about tools, you will, of course, have to invest in building materials. You may think that this is an obvious and therefore silly point to make, however, if you use an installation team that does this day in day out, then they already have access to these materials, and as they do it so often, they buy in bulk. This can equal a big difference in the overall cost of the materials, meaning as you are buying in a much lower volume you will be paying a much higher premium.

Clean-up – the clean-up effort may seem simple, but industrial clean up after such extensive building work can be long and also expensive, for example being responsible for damage to brickwork or plaster can result in having to recruit additional tradespeople to correct problems you may have created.

How to choose the right company to install your windows and doors

Okay, so you’ve taken in what we’ve had to say about the DIY option and decided that the best thing for you to do is to seek professional help. We’re glad to hear it to be honest, as it really is a job best left down to the professionals. So, how do you choose the right company for you?

Shop around first bit of advice we can give you is to shop around. Why? Even if you decide to opt for the option most people do, that is to have the company who supplied the windows to fit them for you, it will allow you to better understand the double glazed windows price and the processes involved.

Knowledge of the products – leading on from the above point, one of the reasons you may be like most and decide to go with the company who supplied the windows in the first place is that they are the best people for understanding their own products. Plus, if anything goes wrong, you’re working directly with them!

How long they’ve been in business – this will show you how good of a job they do, as if they are bad at their job they aren’t likely to be in business for very long! Always be wary of new companies, as they haven’t got a reputation you can investigate before making such a big commitment to them.

Buy cheap, you buy twice – so we mentioned shopping around to get an understanding of costs and making sure a company has been in business for some time so you can be assured of their quality. Remember, if something seems too good to be true it’s usually because it is, and this especially applies to the cost of a service.

Knowing what to expect – and finally, knowing what to expect. Any good window fitter will be able to explain to you the process they will be going through, give you timelines of when you can expect things to be completed by, and identify any potential mishaps (however unlikely they may be) that you might be unfortunate enough to experience along the way (and that gives them the chance to explain what they would do for you in that situation!).

Well, we hope that our article today has covered enough to help you make an informed decision on not only what you are planning on doing with regards to your window replacements, but has answered any questions you might have had, and given you some new questions to maybe ask the next professionals you chat to.

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