Horse Bot a Triumph for Betfair

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Do you ever find yourself struggling to keep up with your bets on a busy day at the races? Well, worry no more, as Betfair have had a real success story on their hands with their Grey Horse Bot betting app. Designed by a team of real Betfair punters for real Betfair punters, this Betfair racing app has given you the chance to take full control of your wagers and give you the best chance of success. Initially known as a simple back and lay automation tool for greyhound racing, the app has grown year after year into the all-action betting tool it is today. With its emphasis on automation, the Grey Horse Bot’s best selling point is definitely its simplicity, but that is closely followed by the startling number of tools the app has.

Not only does the punter have full control over every aspect of the app, it also allows you to do it in a number of ways. The software used for the app gives you a number of options on how to control what the app does with your Betfair account – from stopping at profit/loss, to selecting real-time odds filters in order to secure a specific bet on either the Automatic or Manuel modes. Being a Betfair app gives the user the chance to work out their bets using all the available odds or requesting specific prices.

The automation tool takes away the pressure of having to continuously monitoring the market. Using the CSV text file system, punters can create a list of selections, filters and import them using the server tips module. With the ‘Dutching’ or ‘Trading’ features, punters can now enter a while new world of horse racing betting. While ‘Dutching’ is an excellent way of picking up a win by placing bets on more than one horse in a race with the return being the same if any selected horse wins, ‘trading’ lets you weigh up the profit/loss figures in relation to each market to get a better understanding of the event. With so many meeting on the horse racing calender, Grey Horse Bot could be the best betting partner you could find.

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