How Are Top Businesses Keeping Their Customers Engaged While On Lockdown?

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In the wake of the coronavirus lockdown, your business probably feels a lot smaller. Indeed, in most cases, small business owners are starting to feel like an army of one. Even those lucky enough to be able to retain their employees are separated by distance as they work from home. They’re checking in via email, messaging platforms like Slack and using video chat… but the workforce has never felt more remote and removed. The same goes for customers, too. Businesses who are used to managing a physical premises may still find that they’re able to operate through ecommerce… but they may grapple somewhat with the issue of engaging their customers.

Fortunately, by doubling down on your digital and outbound marketing strategies, businesses can remain in close contact with their target audiences. And if they need some extra inspiration, they should check out what some of the highest flying brands are doing to engage their audiences…

Irresistible email offers

Many of your customers and prospects will be getting by with less disposable income. As such, they’ll be thinking a lot harder about what they spend their money on. As such, businesses have responded in kind, coming up with irresistible offers which they promote via their outbound email marketing efforts. Professional social platform LinkedIn, for instance, has begun offering free productivity to users while Video service Loom has made their Pro version free for teachers and students as well as removing the recording limit on free plans and halving the price of their Pro version.

Why not give your customers something awesome straight to their inbox? Whether a freebie, a promo code or a special offer tailored just for them, everyone could do with a treat in these troubled times.

Strategic paid ads

Money may be tight right now. But that doesn’t mean that strategic spending can’t result in a healthy ROI while you’re on lockdown. The COVID-19 lockdown has led to a huge spike in social media use. Over 25% of global internet users are checking social media more, and almost 40% are reading more news. As such, many businesses are investing in strategic paid ads to promote their products or attract audiences to online events such as webinars.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a great way to build trust and value in your brand while also showcasing your knowledge and expertise. At a time when your existing customers and new prospects alike are looking for enlightenment and entertainment, the right content can create the beginnings of a strong connection to your brand. Why not download one of these calendar templates and start preparing a content calendar now? A combination of blog posts, tutorials, infographics and videos can show audiences just how much your brand has to offer. Just make sure that your content is tailored towards their needs and helps them to address issues, pain points and frustrations that they’re likely to experience at the moment.

Doubling down on Corporate Social Responsibility

And finally… Now, more than ever, businesses need to demonstrate that they care. That their priorities lie beyond turning a profit. They need to show that they care about the greater good at a time when we all need to bring ourselves closer together. Italian fashion brand Armani proved a great example of this, donating over a million Euros to hospitals. Find a way to demonstrate your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and consumers will notice!

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