How Can School Kids Learn Modern Greek Easily Step by Step?

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Modern Greek language learning in a straightforward package. For more than 60 years, Greek123 presents to students the miracles and spells of one of the oldest languages in the world. Their teaching of the Greek language learning is the point of entry into a tradition like no other, using a fun and intuitive model, which has become the standard for schools around the world.

Like the river itself, we change with the times, continually improving their curriculum and approaches. Greek is familiar to the student books provide a comprehensive introduction to the modern language, which no other program can match, enhanced with rich digital platforms, audio/video resources, animated games and much more!

Greek123 can help you learn and learn Greek.

Schools around the world and hundreds of thousands of independent students, to believe in the curriculum Greek, because it turns out that they work better than any other system.

Level up, at your own pace, with a step-by-step program that continually strengthens the basics.

Link reading to the speech by listening to sample dialogues performed by native speakers. Lessons emphasize speaking exercises as you are ready to make connections in your new language.

Resources developed by top educators

Greek can be customized for learning, home study, and even on the go! They must adhere to the accuracy and details of the Greek Ministry of Education’s instructions, so you learn Greek and Greek—adapted for students living outside the country. You’ll master each of the core learning standards for foreign language education: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.

On their digital platform, they use the motivational methodology of games to enjoy the smoothness of the games, animated videos, songs, and quizzes.

Learn and learn on the go on your favorite devices.

It is easy for parents to monitor the progress of students, help their children, and learn alongside.

Practice for oral and written proficiency tests in Greece and other certifications.

How to Learn and Practice


This is quite obvious, but if you do not like Greek reading, your pronunciation is equally well threatened.

Practice reading aloud, repeat after your teacher, or after the sound you use. See below for more ideas.


Just Greek. If I could write it in big, red, flashing letters, I would.

Write in Latin (the one I use now), or any other script will keep you away from matching sounds with an image, e.g. [] → α (letters).

Make it a habit of writing in Greek, and I do not care how it is written-at all!

It is much more essential to learn the language as a whole than to stick to spelling.

Part of learning Greek is its distinct but beautiful Alphabet; accept it.

Listen, learn

How about a podcast, like this one by Language Transfer which is free and fun?

I’ve also used Soundcloud for some of my blog posts. You’ll find my tracks here.

Listen, practice

All Greek serials, serials, songs, news, weather, anything!

Do not be afraid to expose yourself to some real, fast, natural Greece. You will be amazed at the words you start to notice.

A tip: have a goal to understand x number of words.

By focusing on something, such as the number of words or expressions, or even words beginning with a particular letter, you can practice without getting overwhelmed.

Also, avoid passive listening, which, frankly, does not seem to affect language education in any way.


If you do not need Greek to translate books and never say a word, it is likely that you are learning Greek to communicate in Greek.

Then start talking. Record it on your phone.

Practice your vocabulary. Best is everyday, but if time is an issue, practice at least once per week.

You can do it. Your progress will impress you.


We’re almost there. You have your goal (s) written, tools, and materials in order, plus a lot of ideas about what and how to use them. What else? Is this the best way to learn Greek?

As I said, I’m not going to fool you with promises and “easy and fun” learning hacks.

The puzzle is complete only with your effort.

You should put the effort in all of the above steps (and when reading this considerable post) now the real work begins, starting your way of learning.

“Path” means that it is a process, a path that must go; the” best way” is here for you to plan and follow.

So, having thoughtfully chosen why, when, what, and how to learn and practice, now is the time to do it.

Sometimes you will wonder why you chose this language. If it ever pays off. If you ever learn.

When you go back to where you started the first day, and look at your notes, listen to the recordings, read the first paragraph, see how far you’ve come. Trust yourself. I know you can do this.

Image Credits: Anastase Maragos

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