How GPS Can Benefit the Work of Search & Rescue Dogs

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If you are wondering how a GPS tracker can work well with police and military dogs to favourably conduct search and rescue operations, then you must read the below:

Fast Position Tracking in Search & Rescue Operations

GPS for dogs are significant for position tracking in search and rescue operations. It is not an easy task to know everything about geographical information, especially when it comes to sensitive activities where you have the chance to lose track of your search and rescue dog. GPS tracker works well to acquire a clear picture of your dog and target under emergency situations. It keeps full track of moving objects in the field. GPS tracker for dogs has proved useful to carefully monitor, plan, and document the operations in the field. Fast position tracking of a dog for search and rescue services are crucial to catch the target quickly.

GPS Tracker Mitigate Potential Risks

A GPS tracker is needed to ensure the safety of search and rescue dogs under highly risky operations. Tracker mitigates potential risks related to your dog. Your dog can get stuck in the snow, water, fire, or any other hazardous situation while searching for a target or lost person. A GPS tracker shows you the exact position so you can save your furry friend from potential external threats and reach the target in real-time.

Tracker Works Well For Distant Locations

You probably understand that a dog tracker or cat tracker offers real-time tracking with no distance limit. With a GPS tracker, you can track your search and rescue dog’s movements in real time and see its location on your mobile map regardless of distance between you and your furry rescue team member. No matter how far your dog has gone to capture the target, you can conveniently locate your dog. Service dogs are trained enough to find a target in no time to lessen the worries of search teams. Your dog is already guarding the target, and you should want to follow your dog on an immediate basis so you can bring him and the target back safely and soundly. So a tracker will take you at the exact location, no matter how far your dog has gone to find a target.

Dogs Run Faster Than Humans

Search and rescue dogs run faster than humans. If you don’t have the help of a GPS tracker, it can be hard for the search and rescue team to follow dogs. When it comes to risky operations, you cannot risk waiting a second. Time counts very much, and you must let your dog showcase speed and efficiency to chase a target. You can later find your dog with a GPS tracker. A tracker allows you to share a dog’s position with the crew so you can follow search and rescue dogs in real-time. Imagine how much a tracker can be beneficial when a police dog is running after or chasing a thief. With a reliable tracker, you don’t get a chance to lose track of your dog.

Dogs Instinctively Chase Things

Although search and rescue dogs are trained enough, they still have the inherited ability to chase things instinctively. Dogs can encounter considerable risk and danger during search and rescue operations. They cannot behave well under most circumstances. Thus, it is wise that you don’t underestimate the dogs’ instincts to disappear in no time. As a result of a tracker, you can possibly work well with search and rescue dogs to chase risky things and avoid long hours of searching.

Dogs Are Masters of Jumping & Digging

Dogs, in general, are masters of jumping and digging. It is hard to keep track of trained dogs in search and rescue operations. You never know when your search and rescue dogs start to dig a hole to find something strange. Search and rescue dogs are swift to jump over the unsecured area. Under such a situation, you cannot bound dogs or restrict them from moving. Therefore, it is essential to use a GPS tracker to find something and recover an escaped person with the help of your dogs.

Live Tracking Function

It is noticed that targets carrying illegal substances attempt to cross the borders. However, dogs are trained to follow their instincts intensely. That’s why your search dog completely ignores the voices in order to concentrate on detecting a scent. And for that, your dog can be gone long. Therefore, you would want to follow your dog efficiently and effectively with the help of LIVE tracking function. Dog tracker is a big help! You just need to activate it to keep track of your dog every second rather than wasting your time in search for him in the entire area.

Image Credits: Shumilov Ludmila

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