10 Reasons To Buy A Drone

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Drone sales continue to soar every year – and for good reason. Drones have proven themselves to be more than fun toys. There are all kinds of practical and intriguing ways to use these flying gadgets. Here are just 10 reasons why you may want to consider buying a drone.

You can take your photography to new heights (literally)

If you’re into photography, a drone might allow you to explore all kinds of new angles. You can photograph yourself on the beach from the sea or take a picture of you standing on a clifftop resulting in an awesome selfie. Alternatively, you take close-ups of birds in the trees or take an overhead shot of a whale in the water. Whether you’re trying to become professional photographer or an Instagram sensation, a drone could be the perfect tool to give your snaps that extra bit of flair.

You can take amazing videos too

Video footage that once might have required a helicopter can now be DIYed using a drone. You can take crazy angles of sports games and take impressive footage of friends rock climbing. It can be great for taking smooth footage of action too rather than using a GoPro on a person.

Whilst some public areas can be particularly beautiful, you should always be aware that there may be legally enforced restrictions on flying your drone. So whilst you might not be able to fly your drone in Jaipur, you should learn German in Jaipur and set your goal on participating in The Drone Champions League when you’re next in Germany. If you never find yourself in Jaipur, then there’s always some of the best German classes online.

You can explore hard-to-reach areas

For the keen explorer, drones can be a handy tool to have when going out into the wilderness. You can use them to explore ocean caves when the tide has come in or to explore the top of a mountain if there’s no easy path up there. Some people have even used drones to explore the craters of volcanoes and zones of high radioactivity.

You can use them for business purposes

Drones have also found a place in many industries helping to save costs, limit danger or simply save time. As sites like E-Agriculture show, drones have found many uses in farming from analysing crops to spraying water and pesticides – tasks that may have been time-consuming to carry out manually beforehand. In industries such as construction and high-rise repair, drones can often be used to inspect high zones, preventing the need for someone to climb up there. Drones have also found a place in marketing with real estate agencies using them to photograph houses from above and holiday companies using them to take cost-efficient breath-taking shots of their hotel facilities from the sky.10 Reasons To Buy A Drone 3Image Source

You can make money with them

You could make money with a drone by renting it out to users and companies for various one-off purposes. This could be take aerial photographs or explore hard-to-reach places. As the owner of the drone you can still operate it so that you don’t have to worry about others damaging it. You can freelance your service on Gumtree or even create your own business.

You can race them

The Drone Racing League is a group that has been set up for racing drones and has been fast gaining popularity as both an active sport and a spectator sport. Other race organisations and events have sprung up around the world for amateur racers. There are even specific drones built for racing. This could be a fun hobby to get into.

You can combine it with a VR headset and feel what it’s like to fly

Ever wanted to experience what it’s like to be a bird? Whilst it’s possible to watch your drone’s flight on a screen with many mid-to-high-end drones, some users have stepped things up by combining drone technology with VR technology. By wearing a VR headset you can watch your drone’s flight as if you were actually in the air.

You can keep your property secure

Some people have found that a drone can be great for security purposes. If you’ve had problems with burglars, you may be able to use a drone to ward off intruders at night (as well as taking photographic evidence of them in the night). Security companies have found that they can be great for patrolling perimeters in bad weather, saving someone from having to do it by foot, as well as being useful for monitoring crowds at festivals by flying overhead.

They’re not all expensive

A reason many people don’t buy drones is because they think they’re too expensive. Whilst some can sell for multiple thousands of pounds, these are usually professional models unsuited to everyday use. There are drones out there known as quadcopters that sell for less than a hundred. Some of these may not have cameras and may not be robust against wind and rain, but they could still give you the thrill of flying them. Mid-range drones may cost a couple hundred and may have in-built cameras as well as being robust against the wind. Sites like Best Tech Gifts can help you to find the best drone for your budget. There are various sales throughout the year when you can get massive discounts such as Cyber Monday and the lead up to Father’s Day.

They’re not all difficult to use

Another common misconception of drones is that they’re difficult to use. This is only true of some drones. Your cheapest quadcopters are likely to be hard to operate due to having little wind resistance, making them prone to being picked up by the smallest of gusts. The most expensive drones meanwhile can also be difficult to use for different reasons, generally having more complex controls and sometimes requiring a license to use. However, the bulk of mid-range drones are likely to be easy to use – they’re good at flying in the wind but don’t have the complex controls of high-end models. It’s probably worth giving them a bit of practice in your garden first before taking them out into the wilderness, but you’ll be surprised by how fast the controls are to pick up.


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Good info. Fpv drone racing is on the rise!