How Jackpot King Progressive Jackpots Work

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Progressive jackpots have been one of the hottest trends at online casinos over the past couple of years. Find more new casino slot games over at They are a great attraction to players as they can win life-changing amounts. We’re talking about seven-figure sums from slot games!

Just like the lottery though, they are very difficult to win. But what life-changing sums ever come easy? Any player lucky or skilful enough to win the prize will be left with an unforgettable memory.

One example of a progressive jackpot can be found here: – currently standing over £3.8 million as of Wednesday 28 November 2018.

The progressive system is different to the common jackpot which is set at a fixed amount and is won by landing the correct symbols. The progressive jackpot works in a different way in that it progressively grows in relation to the number of people playing that game or those games. Every spin adds money to the jackpot until one player wins it. Once that happens it is reset to the base amount to start building up again.

There are examples of progressive jackpots in land-based casinos too. Las Vegas is the perfect place to go to see this for yourself in person. But they are linked to just a single game, ie a single machine that only one player can play at a time. The advantage of online casinos is that the same game can be played simultaneously by several players, and the progressive jackpot is also played across several different slot games, meaning the total prize is available from several of your favourite games to be won at any moment.

The Jackpot King system is one of the most popular examples of a progressive jackpot across the internet. Created by Blueprint Gaming, it is a progressive jackpot with a twist. The jackpot does not need to be limited to only slot games – scratch cards and card games can also boost the total and be played to win the grand prize.

If your aim is to win the jackpot playing slot games. First, you need to land 5 Jackpot King bonus symbols on the reels to trigger a mini game. From there you use bonus reels and new symbols to reach the jackpot. Most Jackpot King games also offer a second chance options for users to go for the jackpot again.

Here are a couple of familiar Jackpot King progressive jackpot games:

Deal or No Deal

The slot machine version of the popular television show is has become a household name among online casino players. The Deal or No Deal slot game has five bonus rounds available on top of the Jackpot King itself. Any spin can win you the jackpot by hitting 5 Jackpot King symbols across the reels.

Slots O’ Gold

The Irish-themed slot machine has proven to be a hit in 2018 with its leprechauns and pots of gold. Slots O’ Gold has 10 paylines with the Jackpot King progressive jackpot available to be won on any spin.

Top Cat

Based on the 1960s cartoon, Top Cat is a fast-paced, humorous slot game that includes several bonus features. Benny’s Colossal TVs, Brain’s Water Wilds, Cash Picker Bonus, Choo’s Piano Wilds, Construction Site Free Spins, Dibble Free Spins, Diner Free Spins, Fancy Fancy’s Hot Dog, Maharaja Heist Bonus and Spook’s Mice as Nice can all be triggered. This is even before you think about the progressive jackpot on offer!

The Jackpot King progressive jackpot certainly adds great excitement to slot machine games thanks to Blueprint’s ingenious creation. Best of luck in winning the life-changing sum!

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