How Much Does A Phone Really Cost You?

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Your phone is a pretty crucial part of your world. It’s how you can keep track of the world around you, with the ability to call whoever you want, message hundreds of people at once, as well as read the daily news and any updates from the comfort of your phone screen. And seeing as most phones are 4G enabled these days, you can get an internet signal from anywhere.

Because of these features, and how well they stack together on every up and coming phone model out there, you can pay an awful lot out each month to make sure you can use your phone. And it can be far too pricey for quite a few of us! So with that in mind, let’s examine how much your phone can really be costing you.

How Much Do You Use Your Phone?

Because once you know how much, you can easily start cutting down on your usage, or working out which parts of your contract are being used to the max. And once you know which features are the most commonly opened on your phone, you can look to change the contract you have to one that features these most prominently.

If you favour your data usage, and you don’t tend to conventionally text people via your inbuilt messenger app, you’ll want something that gives you a good amount of GBs per month at the cost of losing out on unlimited calls and texts. If you prefer a good amount of storage, to keep all your photos and videos of days out with your family in one place, then you’re going to need a contract that allows for a phone with at least 64GB, or maybe even 256GB, if it’s not out of your price range.

Who Would Be the Best Provider?

Before you choose a new mobile phone, you’re going to need to decide which provider is right for you, seeing as most models are locked to one or two different telephone companies, and these are mainly the corporate kind. There are quite a few smaller phone service providers out there, ones that are part of the bigger corporations (meaning they’ll offer similar features), just in a smaller range and at a discounted price.

And if you’re feeling spoiled for choice, and know you’re liable to waste some good money here, it’s these providers that are going to work best for you. The contracts these smaller companies can lay out for you usually have shorted minimum term dates as well, meaning you can cancel without any hassle much sooner than typical – if you were just testing the waters with a provider like this, this allows you to slash the cost of your experiment, and get back to a bigger contract if you feel the need to.

Are You Using Too Much Data?

A lot of us get worried about under or over using the amount of data we’re allocated each month – quite a few phone providers now allow you to cap your data spending off at a certain amount, to make sure you’re never accidentally going over. But still, the worry is there, seeing as anything between 1GB to 3GB can cost you £50 or £60 per month – and those are just the standard data capacities.

Instead, why not invest in a new phone service that’s going to make sure you never pay for more data than you use, even when you haven’t used up all of your allocation? After all, Money back on unused data is something that’ll save you quite a bit per year, about £246 or so if you really commit to a program like this! If you’re a light internet user, using your phone to check Facebook every now and then or to watch a couple of videos for less than a couple hours per day, you’re definitely not going to use up this allowance. Why pay for it then?

Worked Out the Cost?

Your phone shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, and that might just be what it’s doing without you even noticing! Be sure to keep track of your phone usage, how your contract shapes up to the other options on the market, and just how much money you could save yourself by taking the time and effort to switch to a brand new network.

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