Landing Pages: How to Make Yours More Engaging

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Landing PagesWhen it comes to your online store’s landing page, it is essential that you have one that is engaging and that will encourage visitors to purchase from your site. As these pages are critical for converting those casual browsers into paying customers, you want to do everything that you can to optimize it for maximum engagement. Your landing page can be the sole element that gets potential customers to buy from you or to check out the competition.

These days, knowing how to sell online is a bit more complicated. It isn’t enough for your landing page to simply provide potential customers with an easy to locate and simple to use navigation bar, high quality product photos, and carefully placed content. With only a few seconds to capture the visitor’s attention, according to Aaron Elliot, a writer at Social Media today, your site’s landing page has to do so much more. Making sure that your site’s landing page is optimized and engages your customers, is a crucial step to making your online business more successful.

Create Custom Landing Pages

Each visitor to your site will have a different path for getting there. So may find you through a general search, while others may discover you through social networks. There can be any number of ways in which potential customers can visit your site. Your landing page should form a bridge between your traffic referral source and the rest of your website, each path that is taken to your site is different, and each visitor has different wants and needs, so you should customize the information for them. Ideally, you want the landing page to be tailored to each individual’s needs. By creating multiple custom landing pages, you can provide specific information for visitors depending on the path that they took to arrive at your site. If the visitor has clicked through to your site via a pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign, you can create a custom landing page that provides the specific information that these visitors are looking for right away, potentially increasing your sites conversion rates.

Testing Your Landing Pages

Once you have created custom pages for the diverse groups of visitors that your site gets, there is still a lot of work that you can do to optimize those pages to make them more engaging. One way to work on improving your landing pages is by running split tests on each of the individual pages. Split testing allows you to look at two or more versions of a page to figure out which elements or features make the most impact and converts the best. This is an important process since visitors only spend a few seconds on your site to determine if they will stay or if they will go. You want to make sure that the landing page that they have come to is as compelling as possible. To determine which features are more effective, simply modify small variables on your landing pages and then randomly place the different variations on your site for your visitors to see using Google Analytics Content Experiments program. With the results you can find out which elements worked and create your customized pages based on that.

Try Video Landing Pages

More and more sites are starting to implement video into their sites, because using a short promotional video can dramatically increase conversions on your landing page. If you feel like your current text only landing pages aren’t keeping your visitors engaged, then you may want to look into adding video landing pages. Visitor engagement rates tend to be higher as the interactive content captures their attention better. A simple and elegant solution to the standard, plain text landing pages. If you decide to try and utilize video in your landing page, you want to keep them short and to the point. Explain the benefits of your site and what your visitors need to do as concisely as possible, don’t lose them because you’ve put them to sleep with a long, overdrawn video presentation. We experimented recently with a video in our Touch-Base UPDD review.

Engaging the visitors that find their way to your website is extremely important. An engaged visitor is more likely to become a paying customer for your business. The more that you can do to keep them on your site for longer periods of time, the better off you’ll be. Your site’s landing pages are the best way to engage customers and draw them further into your site. By focusing more attention on how these are designed and by customizing them to speak to a diverse group of people, you will be able to bring more customers in and in turn increase your conversion rate.

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