How Much Safer Are Riding Jackets With Armor?

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When you’re ready to head out on an adventure, it’s always a great idea to pull on your trusty riding jacket. Street, dual sport and motocross jackets offer your torso, back, arms, shoulders and elbows some much-needed protection should you get into a literal scrape.

Confidence and Safety

There’s not much data on regular jackets versus jackets with armor. Therefore, it’s up to you, the responsible rider, to choose the gear and accessories that make you feel as confident and safe as possible. Fortunately, you’ve got a huge selection of jackets and armor inserts to choose from.


Generally, motorcycle jackets offer more protection than a street jacket or hoodie. Not only are they designed for your riding comfort, but they also feature durable, weather-resistant materials that keep you warm or cool and dry, depending on the riding conditions.

From its mesh panels to its abrasion-resistant and reflective materials, your motorcycle jacket and its high-technology design and structure is an investment in your riding safety and comfort. If you’re in the market for a new or replacement jacket, take some time to research your options and, when possible, try on your choice for form and fit.

Armor Inserts

When you’re looking for the best motorcycle armor inserts on the market, you have an incredible array of options. Like motorcycle jackets, armor inserts are popular and plentiful, produced by a variety of manufacturers at a range of prices. From chest protectors and neck supports to elbow guards and shoulder protection, you can choose the accessories that best fit your safety and protection needs.

Remember that when you buy a jacket with armor or buy armor to fit your jacket, you should always set your sights on a snug fit. If the armor moves or shifts as you ride, you’re risking your safety and comfort. Check out your options today to find the jacket or armor that best suits your riding style and needs.

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