How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

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Do you have a dog and are wondering how often they should be getting a bath? First of all, there is no one definitive answer for every canine. There are going to be a range of variables that will dictate the best time to bathe your canine. For example, this could be once a week. For others, it could be every few months. Let’s take a closer look at how often you should bathe your dog, as well as some bathing tips.

To decide how often you should pamper your pooch, you are going to have to think about some factors first. For example, how long is the length of their coat? Typically, dogs with a lot of hair are going to get dirtier and they will develop an odor. On the other hand, a dog with a short coat can get less dirty when out on walks and can go longer without having a bath.

Then, you have to consider the activity levels of the dog. For example, if you go on long hikes and out into the woods with your canine, they are going to get dirty. Perhaps your furry friend also likes to roll, dig and go swimming. If this is the case, they will need a bath more often than a dog that going on simple walks and spends a lot of time in the house.

As a general rule, you should bathe your dog at least once every two months. Again, depending on your dog’s coat and activity levels, it can be more frequent than this. Some dogs develop an odor quicker than others, while some canines have skin conditions that mean they are sensitive to baths and should not be washed too often.

Something to realise is that over bathing your dog is a problem too. In particular, dogs need natural oils that are on their skin and this is good for stimulating hair growth. Giving your dogs too many baths can lead to their skin becoming dry and this is not what you want. You need to try to figure out the best balance for your canine and what is going to be best for their coat and skin.

Tips to Bathe Your Dog

If you want to bathe your dog, make sure that you choose a suitable pet shampoo from Peak Pets first. We also have some useful tips to help you.

Check the Water Temperature

Before you soak your dog in the bath, you want to ensure that the water is the right temperature. Of course, you do not want the bath water too cold or too hot. It should be a comfortable temperature in the middle. The last thing you want to do is give your dog a chill or to scald their skin and for them to be uncomfortable. So, just as you would for a baby, check the water temperature before putting your pup into the bath.

Apply Shampoo from Bottom to Top

You will find that with most dogs, their paws and belly and dirtier than their back and face. This is particularly true if they have long fur that drags on the ground or through mud. This makes it best to start using the shampoo from the bottom to the top. This is also going to ensure that the shampoo does not get into your canine’s eyes and ears. Always read the instructions on the shampoo product to ensure you are following what the brand wants you to do too.

Use a Towel

Do not forget that your furry friend is going to be cold getting out the bath. Their fur is wet and depending on their coat length, they might retain the water longer than other breeds. So, you want to use a towel to dry off your canine. This is going to remove some of the wetness, as well as try to retain the heat of your dog. What’s more, it is going to mean that your dog does not totally soak the walls when they shake themselves!

Some dogs do not mind a hairdryer being used on their coat. They can like the heat that is emitted. But, there are some pooches that are scared of the breeze and noise that is created by a hairdryer. You can try this technique to dry your dog quickly. But, if they do not like it, it is best to stick to the towel.

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