How Our Lives Have Been Changed by the Internet

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The internet has made some big changes to our lives. Those who have grown up with the internet may not have noticed these changes, but those who have not always had access to it will know how much of an impact it’s had. Here are just a few ways our lives have been changed by the internet.


The internet has changed the way we communicate with our friends and family. We no longer have to rely on sending letters or using the landline to make calls when we can’t be together, because the internet has offered us plenty of communication methods. People can now connect easier with others around the world. With internet service providers like MetroNet internet, we have the options of email, video calls and voice calls, and instant messaging. And with the advent of social media, we don’t even have to communicate directly with other people. We can just open up their profile and take a look at what they’ve been up to.


Thanks to the internet, people now have greater access to education. Instead of relying on schools and libraries, students and those who wish to learn more about a particular subject can access unlimited learning resources and study materials online. As long as people have a decent internet provider at home like Charter Spectrum, they can access all this information.

Online education has become more widespread due to the pandemic, and it seems that this may become the new norm. Teachers can opt to provide virtual classes that students can attend via video chat or they can post pre-recorded lectures on the school website. Rather than heading to the school library to take out textbooks, students can borrow eBooks. Document sharing and document management software means that students can get hold of classwork and their teacher’s notes, and submit their homework online.

There are many interesting remote self-study courses popping up, these provide information and opportunities you might have otherwise never had due to distance, work-life-balance, or even budget. For example, Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays, offers an online artisan scent school primarily based around video content that will teach you how to make your own perfumes. They can even provide a kit of organic and synthetic materials you’ll need to complete the course.


Nobody likes the 9 to 5 grind, and the internet has helped a lot of people avoid it by allowing them to telecommute. Working from home has been beneficial to many employees because they can achieve a better work-life balance, choose their own hours, and they don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to travel to the office. It’s even been suggested that remote workers are more productive than those who have to travel to their workplace.

Companies can utilise internet-based project management systems to share projects, contact clients, and have staff meetings, making the need for an office redundant. The internet has also created jobs, such as web designers and developers, social media managers, software engineers, and SEO specialists.

Applying for jobs has also become easier. Rather than printing off CVs and handing them in to individual businesses, applicants can submit their CV and apply online via a company’s website or through employment websites.


The internet has changed the way we shop, since we have eCommerce. Now that people can shop online, they don’t have to rely on local shops and businesses having particular items in stock. With the click of a button, people can have items delivered from anywhere, and the services available are easier to find. Some businesses no longer have a physical location and operate solely on the internet.

The ability to pay for products and services online means that people can do anything from ordering their food shop, booking flights, and paying bills.


The internet has changed way we consume media and experience entertainment by providing us with digital entertainment. Peoples’ focus has shifted from physical media to digital media because it is more easily available. All it takes to access online entertainment and other media is high speed internet access from somewhere like HughesNet Internet.

People can read a whole library-worth of books by simply owning an eReader, tablet, or smartphone. Streaming platforms also mean that people can watch movies and TV and listen to music by downloading an app on their device. People can choose to play video games on a console, or they can access games on other devices. Even physical newspapers and magazines are slowly being replaced by people’s ability to read the same information on the internet.

If anything, the internet has improved our lives, and most people are completely dependent on it to complete everyday tasks.

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