How Smart Technology is Transforming the Average Home

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We are currently living through one of the most amazing technological times in existence. Perhaps only rivalled by the Industrial Revolution, individuals have access to more amenities and gadgets than ever before. Many of these are already present throughout the home and while we might sometimes take them for granted, life as we know it would quickly grind to a halt without their nearly universal presence. Let’s take a step back and examine a handful of profound innovations that continue to define our existence in the 21st century.

All About Convenience

The average homeowner is actually quite pampered when it comes to modern appliances. For example, laundry machines can now be adjusted to suit personalised settings and some are even able to sense the weight of the clothing in order to automatically determine the washing cycle.

Coffee makers can be set to activate at a specific time so you will awake to a warm cuppa. Dishwashers now boast self-cleaning mechanisms that are able to dramatically extend their lifespan while smart televisions will provide you with recommendations based off of past viewing habits. It seems as if the creator the The Jetsons cartoon series was not far off in regards to what the future had in store.

Enjoying the Efficient Edge

Smart technology is likewise all about efficiency. There is a two-fold advantage here. Not only can daily life be dramatically simplified, but energy-saving systems now provide the added benefit of reducing previously high energy costs while lowering the carbon footprint of your home.

Many extremely innovative machines can also serve more than one purpose. For instance, some washing machines double as dryers; helping you save a substantial amount of space. Certain vacuums are capable of dealing with both wet and dry surfaces. Blenders can be adjusted to countless different settings depending upon your personal tastes.

One of the most recent advancements is the ability to connect your smartphone to home appliances. This enables you to remotely access a specific device even while away from home. While this is indeed convenient, it offers an extra level of safety in the event that a fault occurs or a piece of machinery happens to overheat.

More Than Meets the Eye

Smart technology also occurs behind the scenes. New types of insulation will enable your home to retain a substantial amount of heat during the colder months of the year. Double- and even triple-glazed windows are excellent acoustic barriers. Better insulation around pipes enables you to enjoy a hot shower at a moment’s notice while combination boilers take up much less space when compared to their traditional counterparts.

The good news is that this technology is continuing to advance each and every year. Whether you are looking to purchase a home for the first time or you desire to upgrade your existing living space, there are countless options at your disposal. It will therefore be very interesting to see what the next decade has in store.

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