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If you’re lucky enough to have an en-suite attached to your bedroom; you probably utilise it on a regular basis. However, many en-suite bathrooms are seen as purely functional areas of a home, and often, people pay little attention the interior design or style of the room. Smaller spaces in the home can often feel neglected, but with a little renovation, time, and effort; you could have an attractive en suite that could rival any master bathroom.

The happier you are with the shower room attached to your bedroom; the happier you’ll feel after using it each day. Therefore, it might be time to start looking around for inspiration and creating a little haven in your home. The following are some tips, ideas, and inspiration who want to lift their en-suite with some design, charm, and character.

Fresh Tiles

All too often; the grout and sealant in a bathing space can become tired looking, and build up grime and dirt over the years that can’t be cleaned away. Now you have the perfect chance to freshen up your en-suite space by decorating with new tiles and plenty of new grout. Clean, contemporary ceramic tiles, or characterful patterned ones, will give any room a new lease of life. You could look into grey or black grout too so that you don’t have to worry about every speck of dirt showing up. A small en-suite looks great when it’s been tiled from floor to ceiling and can become more of a wet room for you to enjoy.

Fixtures and Fittings

Your fixtures and fittings will pull the space together, and give it a high end feel should you wish. You’ll have created a beautiful blank canvas with your new tiles so that you can now adorn them with your shower, taps, and lighting options. To make sure the en-suite is functional and gives you plenty of chic hotel bathroom appeal; look into electric heated towel rails and invest in one to keep your fluffy towels warm as you step out of the shower during the cold seasons. Think about keeping the metal finish of your fixtures consistent; the design of your bathroom will make more sense if things go together and match. Little additions like a dimmer switch for your light will help you create an ambience in the space when you want to so that you can have both a relaxing and refreshing time in the room when needed.

Accessorize To Impress

Now that you’ve renovated the space; you can have fun with the interior accessories that will show off your personality and design style. Think about colour schemes regarding the towels and bath mats you use, and try to keep soap dispensers and toothbrush holders in-keeping with the overall interior theme. Again, you can pick out metallic finishes to help you, or perhaps the period of your home, or patterns from your tiles; shop around online and in stores for your bathroom and pick things up as you see them. You’ll be happy to run to your en-suite for a shower, and you can leave the master bathroom for the rest of the household to use.

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