How to Become the Ultimate Gentleman

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We often talk of endangered species when talking about animals that are on the verge of extinction. However, what we have come to note especially in Britain is that gentlemen are also an endangered species that are on the verge of extinction. Saddened by this, we decided to pen this article which shares with all men tips on how they can save the gentlemen species from going extinct by becoming gentlemen themselves. Note that the following tips are not exhaustive, you could try here for more.

Have Personal Style

In days gone by, when one talked about gentlemen, the idea of a suit, tie and polished shoes always came to mind. For some, this still is their idea of gentlemen. However, as times have changed, so too has the definition of a gentleman. Nowadays, for you to become a gentleman, all you need to do is to have a personal style. When talking of personal style, we mean that you can wear what you are comfortable with even if its casual wear. However, you must wear it the right way and it must be your everyday clothing. You can’t be a gentleman when you are a jack of all trades when it comes to clothing. Always stick to your choice and brand of clothing.

Always Be Clean

In as much as the definition of a gentleman may have changed with time, one thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that gentlemen must always be clean. Cleanliness of a gentleman refers both to inner cleanliness and outside cleanliness. When talking of inner cleanliness, we are simply saying that you shouldn’t have many skeletons hidden in your cupboard. Rather, be a man of integrity. When talking of outside cleanliness, we are talking of appearance. Always ensure that you appear clean.


Gentlemen are known to be men who are mature. This despite their age. As such, for you to become a gentleman, you need to be mature and a man of sober sense even after taking a few drinks. Maturity starts at an early age hence even if you are still in high school, you must aim to do mature stuff. Start getting rid of those eerie nicknames and childish emails.

Watch the Language

Gentlemen are known to be men who talk sense, talk frankly and do not use profanities. As a gentleman, therefore, you will need to learn to talk with confidence, to talk frankly and to limit if not outright banish the use of profanities. Another characteristic of a gentleman is that he is a man of fewer words but more action so tone it down when it comes to language and words.

Keep your Promises

Gentlemen are also known to be men who stand by their promises. If you make a promise, do all you can to ensure you keep your promise. When it comes to keeping promises, it does not matter if the promise you made is a ‘trivial’ promise or if its something more serious. If you made a promise, just keep it.

Image Credits: Jonathan Pielmayer

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