How to Begin Your Gardening Journey

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Gardening is great for many different reasons. Not only does gardening help you to build your skills and invest in a positive hobby, but it’s also packed full of benefits for the mind too. There are so many ways to enjoy gardening, making it ideal for beginners through to green-fingered professionals. For those beginning their gardening journey, it’s always beneficial to start small and gradually grow your skills and make steady process. This will ensure you learn along the way and perfect your skills as time goes on.

Choose a Topic

Before you start to invest in gardening tools you need to think about what kind of gardening you’re wanting to get into. With so many options, from growing your own fruit and veg to greenhouse gardening, you want to identify the main topic of gardening that you’ll be learning about and then you can get started with investing in your tools and other essentials. Think about the space you have available, your gardens layout and practical elements that will help you to progress with your gardening journey. You can even do lots of research online, or in gardening magazines and books to help you identify the right kind of gardening for you and work out what you want to put your time and effort into.

Invest in Basic Tools

Many people start gardening and spend an arm and a leg on gardening products, from fancy rakes to expensive potting sheds, but that’s not necessarily straight away. You want to focus on building your gardening tool kit up of essential, basic gardening tools before you start to spend money on expensive items you may not actually need. With online retailers like Two Wests providing a wide range of affordable gardening tools, you can find a range of key products to help with your gardening journey. Do a little research into what tools are required to start with and gradually grow your toolkit as time goes on. You may find that you need other tools more than others, so it’s worth taking the time to realise exactly what you need rather than filling up your shed with unnecessary pieces of equipment.

Picking Plants

Once you’re confident in your topic and tool choice, you can get started on selecting the perfect plants to grow in your garden or greenhouse. There are lots of different things to take into consideration when it comes to picking plants, from seasonal considerations to time frames and so on. You want to pick plants that you’re going to see results from sooner rather than later, as this will help you to grow your skills and build on them. A beginner’s mushroom kit is an excellent example of something that grows fast (granted, mushrooms are not plants but fungi). Find out which plants are best suited to your requirements and then you can get started sowing your seeds and putting your gardening skills into action.

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