How to Buy a Cheap Mattress Online

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When you decide it’s time to buy a new mattress, you may experience mixed feelings. The notion of a new, comfortable and cosy mattress is supremely exciting, but forking out a lot of cash to do it, is not. Here are some pointers on how to buy a cheap mattress online and get bang for your buck.

1. Work Out Your Mattress Budget

Before you start your hunt, put some thought into what you’re willing to spend. It is always best to make a big, important purchase like this when you have the money saved up. But, we understand that this isn’t always possible. In any case, pick a figure that you can comfortably afford or pay back without putting yourself under unnecessary stress! Write this down, and keep it nearby.

2. Find a Local Mattress Retailer

Capitalise on local mattress retailers and wholesalers, some of which will offer free shipping and delivery! A reputable online mattress retailer should also offer a trial period, during which you can return your mattress if you’re not satisfied with it! If you wish to buy a new mattress online, visit to learn more about mattresses first.

3. Do Your Research

Spend some time browsing before you buy a cheap mattress online. Research what you desired size of mattress retails for at some of the big brands, and then start looking for the best prices online. Stick to more reputable names and brands you recognise, as you’re more likely to get the result you’re after.

4. Focus on What’s Inside

As with most retail marketing, mattress retailers are likely to use buzzwords that sound good, but don’t mean much. Words like “premium” and “high quality” sound good, but can you pinpoint what they’re referring to? High quality compared to what?

Try to look for more details in your mattress. Look for high-density memory foam, or coils with a gauge thickness between 13 and 15. Also pay attention to what the ad copy doesn’t say – this can be very telling! If they state “memory foam” but don’t list a density, or a number of coils but no gauge, you should be weary.

4. Make Your Pick

Once you’ve looked around and found something that’s within your budget, take the plunge and get that mattress delivered! There is nothing quite like a new mattress and the superior sleep it affords. Just make sure you get the right size for the bed base you have!

Buy a Cheap Mattress Online in Australia

Working out how to buy a cheap mattress online has a lot to do with the details. Whilst your budget is important, try to balance it with reputable branding and detailed product descriptions, so you know that your money is being spent well! After all, you deserve a great night’s sleep after all your research.

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