How To Choose the Perfect Pair of Men’s Sunglasses

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A lot goes into choosing the perfect pair of men’s sunglasses. If you’ve tried on countless pairs of sunglasses and none of them suited you, chances are that you don’t really know what to look for. Let’s delve into everything you need to know so you can pick the right pair for you.


In terms of styles, you have many options. You can choose full rim or rimless frames in geometric, aviator, round, oval, square, rectangle, and Wayfarer shapes. Alternatively, you can choose a semi-rimless pair, such as browline sunglasses. Men’s sunglasses frames come in a wide variety of colours and there are more sporty styles with thicker frames for you to choose from. Some sunglasses will have adjustable nose pads and others (such as plastic frames) won’t.

Face Shape

Face shape is a big determiner when it comes to choosing frame shape. The general face shapes are round, oval, heart-shaped, diamond, triangular, rectangular, and square. Men with round or oval faces should go with square or rectangular frames, whereas men with rectangular or square faces should go with oval, round, or browline frames. Men with heart-shaped faces should try aviators or rectangular frames, men with diamond-shaped faces should try round and rectangular frames, and men with triangular faces should try geometric frames and Wayfarer frames. Some people’s faces may not fall into one category, so the method of choosing frames based on their face shape may not work for them. Remember that this is just a guideline, and you don’t have to stick to it.

Your Features and Personal Style

As I just mentioned, not everyone agrees that a person’s face shape should determine the shape of the sunglasses they should get. The sunglasses you choose will be influenced by your features as well as your face shape. Your hair colour, skin tone, and personal style should also be taken into consideration. If you want to play it safe, men’s sunglasses with black frames suit everyone. At the end of the day, you get to decide what you like best, even if it goes against “official” style advice.

Man with a beard wearing a black fedora, sunglasses, and black t-shirt

Frame Dimensions

Once you’ve figured out which styles will suit you, the next important step is finding a pair in the right size. You cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach to choosing men’s sunglasses. Some sunglasses can swamp your face or look comically small. The frame dimensions can factor into how the sunglasses sit on your face and whether the they fit comfortably. Hold a ruler up to your lower lids and measure from one temple to the other, then measure from the back of your ear to the front of your temple. Look for frames with roughly the same width and temple length. While you may find a pair the right width, the bridge width may be the wrong size or the lens height may not be the right fit. However, don’t be afraid to pick a pair that are slightly wider than your temples if you want greater UV protection.

Types of Lenses and Lens Coatings

When purchasing your sunglasses from an eyewear retailer such as CheRing, you’ll be asked what kind of lenses and what lens coatings you want when you checkout online. If you don’t want to keep swapping from your glasses to your sunglasses, purchase a pair with photochromic lenses which look clear when you’re indoors but will darken and protect your eyes from UV rays when you go out in the sun. You can get a UV protection coating, a scratch-resistant coating, an anti-reflective coating, an oil-resistant coating, and a polarising filter. Lenses with mirrored finished and coloured tints are also available.


Not everyone is looking for an every-day pair of sunglasses. If you want a pair of men’s sunglasses with more comfort and functionality, you’ll need to find an appropriate pair that suits your needs. Polarised lenses are great for driving and fishing, but shouldn’t be used when looking at LCD screens. Sunglasses and tinted goggles for winter sports will often have a different fit with an adjustable strap that goes around the back of the head to ensure that they stay in place. They usually have anti-fog and anti-glare coatings to reduce glare from the snow, and they protect your eyes as you make your way down the slopes. Cycling sunglasses will be wider and feature wrap-around frames to allow for greater visibility, and they will protect your eyes from wind, dust, and insects.

Now that you know what to look for in the perfect pair of men’s sunglasses, you’re guaranteed to find more than one pair that not only look fantastic, but are comfortable too. Do plenty of research into the sunglasses you like and try on several pairs to make sure they fit well.

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