How to Draw Temporary Tattoos without Any Issues

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Tattoos allow you to express your individuality and accent your looks. If you don’t want permanent tattoos, you should try temporary tattoos. These will help you to see if you are ready for a permanent tattoo.

Feel free to use a tracing paper or a tattoo printer machine to design temporary tattoos. Moreover, you can use regular paper to draw an outline on the skin. Fill in the outline with eyeliner or markers. A liquid bandage, hairspray, or baby powder may help you to seal the tattoo.

For a professional look, you can use a tattoo paper. Here are some tips for designing a beautiful tattoo:

Take Inspiration from Other Tattoos

If you want to draw a tattoo, you might want to research other people’s tattoo designs and search for aesthetically beautiful tattoos online. Make sure you understand the tattoo culture to find the best tattoos. For professional inspiration, you can visit the portfolios of tattoo artists, though you shouldn’t directly copy their ideas.

You can check out some famous artists, such as Chen Jie, Paco Dietz, and Mo Ganji. Popular tattoo styles include Japanese, American, black, gray, illustrative, and realism. Some prominent choices are tribal art, semicolons, flowers, and arrows.

Give It a Personalized Touch

You can give a personalized touch to your tattoo by thinking about visuals related to different events in life, for example, you could include images of friends and family. Feel free to choose metaphors that apply to your life. The name of your father or mother could also be a good idea for a temporary tattoo.

If you are new to drawing tattoos, you should start by creating a simple design. It may help you to avoid creating a strange tattoo. Make sure to try geometric shapes, such as triangles and squares, before moving on to detailed and intricate images. Feel free to choose a musical note, a word or phrase, a star, or a puzzle piece.

Draw an Outline

Avoid making things complicated with shading and minute details. Start your sketches with the outline. Prepare an outline of the image before working on intricate parts. Try to avoid scraping or scratching and draw steady, consistent lines.

After outlining, you can fill this picture with color. You should to work around the outline and focus on small details. Once you are satisfied with the design, you can apply this temporary tattoo to your skin.

Use Tracing Paper

For your convenience, you can use tracing paper. Make dark, thick lines with a pencil. It is crucial to make all the lines thick so that they will transfer onto your skin easily. Remember, the design will flip once you transfer it to your skin. Make sure to trace it on the right side.

You can use printer paper instead of tracing paper. Trace the design lightly on a bright screen, such as tablet screen.

Use rubbing alcohol to transfer the drawing to your skin. Keep your skin slightly damp and put the paper on this area. Pour some of the alcohol on cotton ball and rub over the tattoo design.

Put a wet washcloth on the paper for a few seconds and peel up the paper to see if the tattoo design has transferred to your skin. Now you can trace over this tattoo.

Image Credits: James Discombe

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