How to Dress Up As Santa

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So, you’ve been tasked with the pressure of pulling off an excellently convincing Santa.

Needless to say, donning the perfect Santa outfit comes with a lot of great power. And with great power, comes great responsibility.

Think about all the children turning in awe as you walk past them wishing them a Merry Christmas. Watch as their eyes light up with glee as you bring on the essence of Christmas with this magical, iconic figure.

Tradition has it, every Christmas demands the presence of Santa. A legend that fills hearts with joy and Christmas spirit. There truly isn’t anyone better to fill in the role of Father Christmas. Besides, who else can man a sleigh or flying reindeer and distribute presents all over the world in time for Christmas?

Nevertheless, Christmas is just around the corner. So it’s time to get yourself in gear with all the need-to-knows in dressing up to become the best Santa you could ever be.

Getting yourself some red, rosy cheeks

One of the most overlooked features when dressing up as Santa, the iconic red, rosy cheeks will help you land the perfect Santa award of the season.

You’ll need a good red rose tone. To begin the makeup, start by dabbing the colour into your cheeks and nose using a damp sponge or your fingers. The trick here is to blend it well, so it evens into your skin tone.

If you go overboard with the rosiness, don’t worry too much as face exposure is somewhat restricted once you put your Santa beard on later. Aim for a pink looking Santa face, depicting that jolly, cheerful man we all know him to be.

Time to put your pants on

You might think that this part seems pretty straightforward. After all, it’s just putting your Santa pants on.

Alas, the trick behind looking like Santa is by adjusting your waistline to hit right below your belly. If you have a naturally Santa belly, that’s great as it will add to the realism of the look. For those who don’t have too much of a belly that Santa would be proud of, not to worry, read on to find out how to deal with your lack thereof.

Matching dress shoes

Find yourself a neat pair of dress shoes that match your Santa boot covers. To nail this part of your dress up, step into the boot covers so that the elastic band is nestled below the middle part of your shoe. Having the elastic band as such will help hold the boot covers in place.

If you’ve gone all the way and gotten yourself a pair of Santa boots, put those on now. Be sure to wear your trousers tucked into your boots just like Santa does. It may be a small bit to his overall look, but if you’re going to look just as good as the real deal, every bit of effort counts!

It’s belly time!

This is the part where you check out your belly to see if it makes the cut for a Santa belly. For those who have a fair amount of padding, you may not need the extra pads to help you get that neat pot belly.

If you lean more on the slender side, or just need to add some extra belly to that tummy, get your hands on a Santa Belly costume piece that could easily add a fully jelly belly to your Santa look. Some pieces are extremely easy to put on with a simple Velcro belt to stay snug while you put the slings over your head for support.

The Santa coat and belt

Put on your Santa coat and zip it up.

Next, you’ll want to perfectly place your belt right below the fattest part of the belly to give it some extra bulge, displaying a truly happy Santa tummy. Tighten it to help achieve the look you want to create.

Your Santa beard

Fluff out your Santa beard and make a note of where the hole for your mouth is along with the strap that will help hold it all securely onto your face. You’ll have to place the elastic band over the back of your head and tug the beard gently into place.

The challenge is to make sure that the moustache part lands perfectly symmetrical on your upper lip and the mouth hole is in the right place.

To style your Santa beard, fluff it up a bit more to make it look full and even. Be careful with it as you don’t want to tug any parts too far and risk loosening it up.

The Santa wig

For that lush style of white locks, you’ll need a wig unless you’re one of those lucky ones who rock the do all year round. With a Santa wig, you’ll need to make sure to cover your own hair completely.

If you have a lot of hair, you may need a wig cap to tame it before putting on the Santa wig. Make sure to look at yourself in the mirror and adjust the wig for the hair to be evenly distributed.

Santa accessories

Don’t forget the classic white gloves and Santa’s cap! The pom pom on the cap hangs off casually to the side, and it doesn’t really matter which side you pick (so pick your good side!).

A real Santa never goes without his wire-rimmed spectacles to give him the wise look of Christmas wisdom.

The Santa attitude

To add icing to the cake, dressing up as Santa isn’t just skin deep. You have to act the part.

Although not really a part of the costume journey, donning the Santa attitude is the way to win hearts this festive season. The hearty muttering of “HO, HO, HO” and “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” followed by a casual rest of your hands on your protruding belly will have you filling in the role of Santa in no time.

A few accessories and an amazing costume followed by some Santa attitude will have you acting your best as Father Christmas this year. Happy Holidays!

Image Credits: Tim Mossholder

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