How to Get Into Rap Music for the First Time

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When there’s a genre of music that you’ve always meant to take more of an interest in but never really got round to it, it can be tough to know where to start. That’s why we’re going to take a closer look at rap music and discuss what you can do to enjoy the genre to the max. It has so much to offer so you should at least give it a chance if you haven’t done so already. Find out how below.

Start with What You Know

You probably already know some rap artists, so start with these. Maybe you like one song but haven’t yet listened to the others by that artist; this can be your entry point into the wider genre. And when you’ve listened to their stuff, you can look at their influences in order to find other artists whose work you also enjoy. That way, your entry into the genre won’t be so unfamiliar from the offset. 

Find the Style That Suits You

Just like any other musical genre, there are lots of sub genres, styles and niches. Maybe you like the speed and pace of some rap music; if so, you should research the fastest rappers and explore their music. The same applies to whatever style of rap you like. Whether it’s classic West Coast rap or contemporary UK grime, there’s a style or there for every rap fan and you just need to find yours.

Find Out About the Genre’s Lineage and Development

If you want to branch out and find out more about the genre in order to find new music and new sounds, you just need to explore its history. Other genres morphed and combined to form rap and hip hop, so you won’t have any trouble finding new ways to listen to rap anytime soon. Part of what’s fun about enjoying a new genre is learning about its lineage and how it developed.

Don’t be Deterred

You shouldn’t allow yourself to be deterred if you explore some options and they don’t really click with you. Sometimes, you just need to persevere and keep listening until you find the styles and the artists that you really love and enjoy. A lot of people don’t realize just how varied and interesting the genre of rap can be; there’s more to explore than you might think.

Listen, Listen, Listen

It’s all about listening, so just stick at it and enjoy it. That doesn’t have to mean simply listening to tracks on your way to work in the morning. You can also scout out some live rap shows and experience the genre in that kind of setting as well. It’s a different way to appreciate the genre and can help you build a connection with it.

Rap music remains a fascinating genre, so it’s something you’ll almost certainly enjoy diving into. There’s a lot to learn and discover and plenty of music out there to appreciate within the genre. Follow the steps outlined above and develop your appreciation for rap music at your own pace.

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