How to Make a Perfect Outdoor Party – Best Decor Tips and Ideas

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With Summer just around the corner, it is the perfect time to start planning and organizing outdoor parties. We can all agree that there is nothing better than enjoying an adult beverage and relaxing with your guests while the fresh breeze keeps you perfectly cool, all in the comfort of your own backyard. So follow these tips to create a truly stress-free outdoor party and have the best time ever!

Make custom invitations

Make it official – create custom invites for your outdoor party! If you love being artsy you can DIY personalized invitations that can double as artwork pieces or if you’re not really handy you can download, print and fill in party invitation templates. Include the menu if you’re planning a barbeque party to make sure your guests are on time for lunch (brunch or dinner) and ready to eat!

If you are planning a theme party, write about the dress code rules on the invites. Obviously, you don’t have to choose a particular theme, you can simply emphasize it’s an afternoon cocktail party and inspire your guests to dress up, or make it a completely ‘mi casa es tu casa’ casual.

Always have a backup plan

It is always a smart option to have an alternative location for your party, especially if the weather in your location tends to unexpectedly change. If you have a covered deck in your outdoor area, you’re all set. But if not, you should make sure that your house is prepared for a party. That means move the rugs, put away all the unnecessary items and all the stuff that is in the way and make sure you have enough seating (and snacks if BBQ plan fails due to rain). It’s not like it’s a 600 guests party but still, it is always a good idea to have a backup plan.

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Lighten up the space

Don’t leave your guests in the dark, pay attention to party lighting because not only they will make others visible but they will also help create a perfect party atmosphere. All you need is a little ambient lighting, so hang string lights on the fence, deck, and trees, hang a few lanterns on tree branches or pergolas and put tea lights all over the tables. It will create a perfect, magical atmosphere while it’s getting dark and your guests are going to love it for sure!

Make it fun and colorful

The best part when organizing an outdoor party is that you can basically decorate any way you like. Make it colorful and make it fun, hang a piñata, add a lot of balloons, do whatever you like! You can hang party decoration from the tree branches, piñata as well and simply throw the balloons all over the garden. Invest in an amazing GIF booth hire and make the most of your party – keep your guests goofy and playful throughout the party, leave the box with props next to it and watch how the booth does its magic.

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Put a little effort to make it unforgettable

It would be awesome if you have enough when preparing the party to invest (or DIY if you’re handy) in an outdoor dance floor. That way you could organize the party in the late afternoon, and dance all night long. You can decorate the dancefloor anyway you like, add confetti, glitter or color it to look like the ones from the 70s. Also, investing in a multi-colored disco ball can make you the master host of outdoor parties!

Make an awesome playlist

Make a five-hour long playlist for your party because well most parties don’t last longer than that. Plus, if there is anyone who notices that the playlist has started over after five hours, well, just pour them another drink! Include various music genres but make sure that you also include the classics. Don’t choose music that you know some of your friends truly dislike. And don’t crank the speaker, set a lower volume so that people can talk and hear one another. Higher volume is for later on, wink!

These simple tips will ensure you organize the best outdoor party ever! The key is in the details and if you put a little extra effort you will certainly host the best (completely stress-free) party. As long as you plan everything ahead, and let your imagination lead the way to decorating, you’ll be able to enjoy your creation and dance the night away!

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