How to Make Your Next Vacation Planet-Friendly

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If you want to plan a planet-friendly vacation this year, you are in the right place. There has never been a better time to think about how you spend your money and where you choose to travel as we move into a more sustainable attitude towards our lifestyles and holiday habits.

Consider Travel

We all need a vacation now and again, despite the allure of St Martin spa services, but there are new ways of doing things these days due to the climate crisis and other planet pressures. In the past, people didn’t think twice about a holiday overseas, but it’s important to consider the carbon emissions and wisdom of flying today.

Conventional airlines are responsible for significant carbon emissions. A meat-based diet produces 7.2 kg of carbon dioxide per person per day, while a vegan diet produces 2.9 kg. The carbon emissions of an airplane can be calculated at 90 kg per person per hour on the flight.

Consider Staycations

With that in mind, why not consider a staycation for your next holiday? There are tons of advantages to staying at home and exploring your country, so why not save on carbon emissions and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime with a road trip, a camping holiday, or the beach?

Staycations are convenient, educational, and budget-friendly, they may not be as luxurious as staying in Barbados villas, but they certainly are planet-friendly. If you normally take overseas vacations, chances are there are plenty of home adventures to discover – check out some of the the road trips and historical sites in your area. Even a bi-annual staycation can help the planet.

Reduce Expenses

Frugal living is great for your bank balance, but it can be excellent for the planet as well. By changing your lifestyle habits and reducing your spending, you are also reducing your carbon emissions. When traveling, you can reduce expenses with lifestyle planning and optimization.

Another way you can reduce expenses when traveling is by using credits. Most airlines offer air miles that allow you to accrue credit for your flights that can be redeemed later. Also, search what are the benefits of employee rewards for financial wellbeing that can support the planet.

Streamline Stay

Make your travel journey more eco-friendly by streamlining your adventure. Streamlining is all about planning ahead so that you can make your travels more efficient and planet-conscious. Start planning early using broad categories; later, you can make some more detailed decisions.

One example of streamlining your stay for the benefit of the planet is by finding an eco-hotel when you are staying abroad. If the hotel makes efforts toward carbon neutrality, it will have an eco sign on the website. If you have any doubts or concerns, contact the companies directly.

Spend Locally

Spending locally is a great way to support the local economy and the planet; that’s another reason to consider a staycation in your home country. If you travel abroad, make sure you choose the local shops and restaurants instead of the big brands you are familiar with, this helps to channel money into the local economy; it tends to emit less carbon than global brands.

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