How To Make Your Staff Less Stressed

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The last thing you want as a business owner is to have stressed staff. Not only is this something that will reduce productivity, efficiency, and perhaps even the quality of the work your business is able to produce, but it’s also not a kind thing to have happen; if your workplace and working environment are causing stress to your workers, you’re causing them physical and mental pain. Morally, you need to take steps to change things, and the bonus is that this will help your business too. With this in mind, here are some of the things you can do to reduce stress for your staff.

Encourage Breaks

Most people are at their most productive while working in 90-minute bursts separated by 20-minute intervals, so it’s likely that you’ll get better results from your staff if you provide them with frequent opportunities for rest.

You can set an excellent example by doing this as well. You should model the behavior you want to see from your staff by taking brief breaks to grab a bite and checking in with them, and you should also set aside some time in meetings to discuss how to improve breaks. Staff members who are given multiple breaks throughout the workday tend to be more relaxed and productive.

Allow Flexible Working

You employed these people because you believed they could complete the work efficiently and effectively, so does it really matter where they do that work or even when, as long as it is completed on time?

Give your workers the option of working from home and some leeway in their schedules. The trust you put in your staff by allowing them this latitude will be appreciated by everyone and will help to make them feel less stressed.

Provide Useful Tools

Something that can really cause stress for your staff is not having the right tools for the job they need to do. Speak to your team to ascertain whether this is the case, and if it is, work out how to find the right tools. Get your employees’ opinions and research the best options.

A good example of this would be using a food ordering system in a restaurant. With this tool in place, customers can order and even pay for their food using an app or a screen you provide on the table. Your team will be less hurried and busy, and their stress levels will go down, allowing them to serve customers effectively. Consider the tools your specific industry might have available that would work in this way.

Encourage Team Bonding

Co-workers are supposed to be there for us, but it’s hard to stay positive when problems arise due to poor communication and team dynamics. Leaders should foster a culture where employees feel comfortable opening up and trusting one another.

When teams are solid, members are more responsive to one another, there is better communication, and there is more trust between them, meaning less stress at work. Incorporate team-building exercises into regular staff meetings, or plan an off-site outing to allow employees to talk to one another and figure out how to overcome the obstacles that have been preventing them from working together efficiently.

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