How to Migrate to the US as a Businessman or Family

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Stockton, California is a safe and beautiful place to live in. It is the reason why it draws attention to a lot of immigrants. This city has an average age population of 33.5, which holds a part of inhabitants from other countries.

Every year, thousands of immigrants who plan to start a business or bring their family to the US apply for the visa. Some of them are successful, but some of them fail. Lack of knowledge of the immigration laws can jeopardize your chances of going to the US.

Luckily, California is also one of the states in the US that offer the best immigration law offices. Consulting an immigration attorney stockton ca help increase the possibilities.

New Policies for Business and Family Immigration to the US

Immigrant businessmen and their families account for nearly half the gross domestic product of the US. The government is working on new policies that would deal solely with the matter of these businessmen migrating to the country.

The immigration policy of 2019 is one of the most interesting and challenging debates of the year. Its potential impact is evident not only for the people and the immigrants but also for the US economy.

Below are the requirements for business and family immigration to the US. It is not a guarantee that knowing these requirements and policies would ensure your success in getting to the US and starting a business. You still need to hire an immigration attorney in Stockton, CA, who has full knowledge to guide you in all your undertakings.

Social Media Information

The Department of Homeland Security proposes the collection and evaluation of five years of Social Media Information from immigrant applicants. This requirement allows the department to look into your social media information and activities.

Innovative Business Idea

Immigrants who want to start a business in the US are faced with the challenge of coming up with ideas that are generic to the country. President Trump has emphasized as one of his business policies that American businessmen should be of priority in all the business activities in the country.

E- Verify

E- Verify is a system created to confirm whether business and job applicants are legally searching for work or starting a business in the country. The system is still under proposal although currently, it is available in eight states.

Public Charge

The new Department of Homeland Security has included a policy that deems an immigrant inadmissible to have an immigrant visa if he or she is likely to be a public charge. The definition of the term public charge is not made clear by the department, but this has a relation to the security measures against possible terrorists coming from the Middle East and overseas. This countermeasure remedies the threats of attacks such as the September 11 incident.

Personal Information Submission

Immigrants from other countries are required to submit personal information about their previous employments, professional status, academic background, and family background. They are required to allow the DHS to put it under scrutiny. This policy is about the public charge provision as proposed by the department.

President Trump’s revisions on the immigration policies have made entering the US, whether as a family or businessman difficult. Consult an immigration attorney in Stockton, CA today. For more details on where you can find an attorney for your case, visit their website.

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