How to Modify Your Shaving Routine to Prevent Bumps

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Every now and then you will need to get a good shave. Say you are getting ready for that executive meeting and you need to look sharp or even say you are going for an interview or even better a date. Looking sharp is the business of every guy and especially the hairy ones. Some of these things will hardly go unnoticed. So how do you manage your shaves in a professional way that you won’t even appear to try? Despite the fact that you are shaving how do you take care of your face? If you don’t know how to then get ready for this as I will take you right to the answers.

Most men will operate on a schedule especially those in the office and with kind of fixed schedules. You always know that Mondays have a meeting at nine and Tuesday is the day where the boss is around, Wednesdays always find you with a lot of paperwork and thankfully Thursdays will find you out in the field for some task. Come Friday you are tired but you still have to compile the report and wrap it up. It will be helpful that you manage your shaving routines in such a way that they will favor you completely

Many bumps will be as a result of ingrown hair and this is a thing that many have not yet known how to handle. The first thing you need to know is that the kind of razor that you use determines how your chin will look like. You get one of those low-quality razors and you can be almost certain that you might need a trip to the doctor. However, you can opt to go high and beyond to look out for yourself. Take for instance Bearded Colonel vs Gillette. You may notice that Gillette razors are quite expensive to start with and you will need a quick and affordable partner to deliver your razor just in time. Then I think bearded colonel has arrived just in time for you.

You can schedule your shaving patterns in such a way that you always leave room for growth while on the other hand, you maintain a good look. This simply means that despite the fact that there are some men who like doing their beard like twice or thrice a week then you should do that in such a time that you will be resting and while your body is not all that moist and also before you take any of the shaves make sure that you take care of your aftershave experience.

I have often heard of people with some of the best equipment but yet missing the point. This is where is I begin stressing on it is not majorly on the ‘What’ but on the ‘How’. Take into consideration that you have the right tools and also get a good time to do it and from there take care of yourself after the shave.

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