How To Plan a Wedding on a Budget in Less Than 30 Days

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Gone are the days when brides would spend idle months planning out every detail of their dream wedding. Modern brides are always on a deadline. And their desires concern more of making ends meet instead of chasing unrealistic fantasies. Deciding to plan one’s wedding on a tight timeline can result from various factors, including expected promotions, biological scares, and fast-approaching placements.

Though a daunting and stressful prospect, planning a successful wedding in less than 30 days isn’t insurmountable. The stress levels can especially peak when you’re also on a budget. But, worry not as this article is here to rescue all those confessing their true love in a hurry. We’ve prepared a comprehensive guide based on simple steps to help you plan a wedding in 30 days and on a budget! Before we move ahead, we suggest you to visit this site if you are looking for some nice wedding greetings for your friends planning to marry soon and you want to wish them in a unique way.

Establish a budget

Despite the prevalent misconception, working with a strict timeline doesn’t have to be synonymous with overspending. Couples handling the wedding expenses by themselves must sit down and mutually decide what their budget entails. A short notice wedding means most of the spending would be upfront, so it’s best to only account for the money you currently have for your wedding. However, if the loved ones have offered to pitch in, remember to discuss their contributions.

Additionally, it’s essential to calculate your total expenses for the big day before proceeding with a budget. Simply looking up the average cost of wedding won’t cut it here. You must factor in your specific circumstances and location too.

Choose the lucky date

If you’re in a race with time, then you can’t be picky about this one aspect of weddings. Still, you’re more likely to secure suitable vendors and a venue if you organize the wedding on a weekday, at an off-time, and off-season. Why? Because most wedding vendors are available for last-minute gigs during the less in-demand wedding days, such as winter and weekdays. For instance, a Thursday evening wedding can still get realized economically during the summer. The key here is accommodating your guests and hiring the right vendors.

Search guest accommodations

Do you have the place and time to accommodate all your far distance friends and family? No? Well, your out-of-town guests need a place to stay, so you better start searching for some good lodging options. If time and circumstances allow, see the accommodations in-person instead of online. While you’re at it, check if there’s a group booking discount. Some hotels might offer a lower rate, depending on the number of guests.

Seek hotels with a restaurant or ones providing breakfast/brunch options. That way, the attendees can enjoy in-house food options too.

Pick the essential vendors

According to the vision you have of your big day, you should start assembling a list of the essential and additional vendors for the wedding. Then, get to choosing. Search and book a decent caterer and DJ based on the specific cuisine or music you wish to incorporate into the wedding. Also, find a florist that can recommend alternatives for out-of-season favorites, like hydrangeas, and deliver on time. Try to tick as many tasks as possible from your wedding planning checklist during the weekends. By doing so, you’ll feel less anxious when the wedding date closes in.

Buy the wedding attire

Given the tight reins of time and finances, your best bet would be to opt for an off-the-rack wedding dress with the least possible altering. Ensure that you can pick it up the same day or no longer than a few days. Suggest a color theme that the bridesmaids can follow using any formal wear from their wardrobes and get everyone matching bouquets. Try also to cooperate with your in-laws and parents and check if they’re all set or need assistance with their dresses.

The groom’s tuxedo and the groomsmen should follow in the bride’s footsteps. Pick a theme around something most of them already own, such as black suits, and add a matching accessory. The groom doesn’t own a tux? It’s time to get him one ASAP!

Send out invites and make a website

Once you’ve secured the lucky date, venue, attire, and have a clear wedding vision, let the invitations roll. Rather than mailing them, send out digital invitations to your guests via email to save time. Moreover, it can be beneficial to make a wedding website that lists all the essential wedding details for your guests. After alerting the attendees and setting up a basic website, you can go on and complete your wedding registry. In turn, you can guarantee that your guests know all the details and offer meaningful gifts instead of superficial ones.

Plan a mini-moon

It would hurt less to discount the traditional honeymoon right away when speed-planning a wedding than after the ceremony. But, don’t lose all your hopes for a romantic trip just yet. You can always go on a little celebratory trip if it falls under your budget. Weekend getaways to nearby hotels or cabins are an ideal option for newlyweds to rewind and refresh.

Take it easy

To break away from all the pre-wedding jitters, step outside and imagine your wedding as another party. Sometimes, people happen to get hitched at parties; this time, it’s your turn. This technique can help remind you of what truly matters and distract you from worrying over the less important stuff. Keep your focus on how you’re starting a fresh new chapter of your life with a loving partner.

To conclude

Marriage is a sacred bond, and its planning shouldn’t be something that drains the life out of you. Just like having a groom is a prerequisite to marriage, properly planning all the essential details is too. The tips mentioned in this article can help you plan a wedding on a budget and in under 30 days without getting frustrated. These suggest rushed couples follow a budget, pick the right vendors, and switch to e-invites. Though it won’t be the same, you can still achieve a low-quality version of your ultimate dream wedding!

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