How to Prepare for a Summer Wedding with Three Simple Tips

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Everybody loves attending a joyful summer wedding. The sun is shining, it’s warm outside — hopefully not too warm — and people always seem to be in good spirits. Plus, if you happen to have your wedding on a nice day, you’ll have amazing blue skies and the scenery will seem picture-perfect.

While summer weddings are definitely amazing for many people, others find them a bit stifling, too hot, and certainly difficult to deal with. The heat and humidity for certain people can be quite hard to bear. Other guests might prefer an indoor wedding even though you are hosting the festivities outside.

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To help you plan the perfect wedding this summer, we have three tips to share with you today. So use this information wisely and plan an amazing wedding that no one will soon forget.

  1. Backups Are Important Because of the Heat

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Backups of what you might ask. Simply put, there are certain places that get really hot during the summer — think of Orlando as an example — and the humidity can ruin certain things and really make people uncomfortable. Outdoor weddings definitely feel the brunt of the heat and humidity during the summertime.

A quick example is in regard to summer wedding flowers. The humidity can make these flowers wilt and completely fall apart. So, suddenly your bouquet, the flowers around the reception and even the boutonnieres are in complete ruins.

Guess what? It may be an added expense, but you can have extra flowers on hand as a backup. So, if some flowers begin to look wilted, ugly, or out of place, you can replace them with the fresh flowers being stored in the refrigerator.

  1. The Bugs Are Going to Be Everywhere

Yes, you may not have thought about it but you’ve definitely read that correctly. Bugs tend to gravitate toward outdoor weddings during the warm summer months. And they can be a real nuisance if you aren’t prepared for them.

How do you prepare? Well, for starters you need to place tiki torches and citronella candles everywhere that guests will congregate during your wedding reception. You also need to have bug spray available for all of your guests, so remember to place a can of this spray on everyone’s table and make sure you have extra cans or bottles available in case the guests run out.

You really don’t want bugs ruining your wedding reception. So prepare in advance and you and your guests will thrive during this potentially difficult situation.

  1. Keep Your Guests Cool

Outdoor weddings are always amazing during the summer and very few people will claim something different. But at the same time, if you’re going to have your wedding outside, you need to have a place where your guests can go indoors to get out of the heat from time to time.

So, rent an extravagant reception hall with an outdoor patio. This way the guests that enjoy the summer weather can spend time outdoors while the other guests can sit inside and appreciate the air-conditioning and enjoy the festivities on your wonderful day.

Final Thoughts

Outdoor weddings are always a fun and enjoyable idea. But some guests prefer to spend their time indoors on a hot summer day. Give your guests the best of both worlds by using the tips shared above to make your warm weather wedding a smashing success.

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