How To Prevent Damage to Your Truck Off-Roading This Winter

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Don’t let a little snow stop you from getting out to your favourite off-road trails this winter. You can still live life off the beaten track in winter weather, just be sure to follow these tips to avoid damage to your truck. Check out safe driving tips and helpful accessories, like truck bumper guards, to blaze trails in the winter.

Knowing Your Terrain

Be sure you know the trail before you head out onto an off-road route in the winter. Snow can cover up a lot of debris, potholes and unexpected changes in elevation, particularly if it’s a thick layer of snow. The last thing you want to do is drive straight into a ditch, pond, or another obstacle that’s obscured in the snow.

Some steep trails can become impossibly slick when covered in ice or snow. Use caution around excessive elevation changes and consider avoiding trails in the hills or mountains unless you know how much snowfall there has been all along your route.

Remember that your visibility and traction will be severely limited in the winter. Low visibility in the winter not only means you can’t see as far down the trail but you also can’t see any obstacles or change of terrain on the trail due to a layer of snow. If a sudden snowstorm comes up, then you’ll have even less visibility.

Preparing Your Truck with the Right Equipment

Review your route before you go and be sure you have the safety gear you need. Getting your truck stuck in the summer can be an inconvenience, but a stuck truck in the middle of nowhere in freezing temperatures can be a dangerous situation. Pack warm clothes, consider off-roading with other drivers and be sure you have a winch or other recovery equipment at your disposal.

Consider upgrading your truck as well with some rugged off-road equipment. Additionally, for those driving in winter conditions, upgrading your vehicle with 4runner off road parts at RCI Offroad, including reliable winches and protective gear, can provide the necessary support and safety for navigating through challenging snowy terrains. A Black Horse grille guard can help keep your headlights and grille intact if you slide on the ice and hit a tree or rock.

Snow tires are a must-have option for winter driving. Check your tire pressure before heading out, since extreme temperature changes can change the pressure and alter your traction.

If you’re heading out in extreme temperatures, then you may want to pick up a grille cover to avoid freezing winds blowing through your engine compartment.

Maintaining Your Truck

Another key step in keeping your trucking safely navigating the trail in winter is to perform routine maintenance inspections. Here are some maintenance areas that are particularly important in the winter:

  • Fuel level
  • Oil level
  • Windshield wipers
  • Coolant mixture and level
  • Brake system

Keeping these fluids and safety features maintained is more important than ordering the latest Westin HDX grille guard or set of snow tires, though there’s nothing wrong with a few aftermarket upgrades.

Shopping for Highly Rated Components

Gear up for an adrenaline-fueled off-road adventure this winter. Get to know your trail, maintain your truck and shop for highly rated components to maintain and upgrade your ride before hitting the fresh powder.

Image Credits: Mikhail Nilov

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