How To Update Your Workplace Before You Reopen Your Doors

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While working from home may have been the key to keeping your business afloat over the past year, reduced restrictions mean that it may be time to reopen your offices once again. However, when preparing to reintroduce employees to the workspace, it’s important that you first ensure your office is up to date.

With that in mind, here are some top tips that you can use to update your workplace before you reopen your doors!

Start with a deep clean

Your employees may be feeling uneasy about returning to work, especially after spending so much time at home. As a result, it’s your responsibility to alleviate these worries as much as possible by ensuring that you conduct a thorough deep clean of the space ahead of time. You should then arrange for quality cleaning services to be carried out on a regular basis. Finally, you could heighten employee’s safety by installing hand sanitizing stations and social distancing reminders.

Add a fresh coat of paint

When creating a modern workspace, you need to ensure that you create a calming yet productive atmosphere that will allow your employees to thrive. This means that you should always ensure your office looks its best – and stained walls or cracked and chip paint can quickly disrupt this illusion. Therefore, you can update your office by simply giving it a fresh coat of paint. Think carefully about the paint you choose – as the colour can have actually have an impact on how your employees feel in the space. Find out more about colour psychology here.

Heighten Efficiency

To hit the ground running when your employees return to the workspace, you need to make sure you design your office space to boost productivity. For example, this could mean that you stray away from a traditional office format, with a series of cubicles in favour of something a little more relaxed. You should also make sure that each employee has access to high tech office essentials that can be used to heighten employee productivity and efficiency. In a similar thread, you should also make sure that your general office tech is up to date. For example, if you have a terrible internet connection and find yourself constantly without data – you might want to get in touch with data cabling engineers who can help keep your business on the cutting edge of technology.

Focus on comfort

Studies suggest that employees often work to their best ability when they feel comfortable. Therefore, you should make sure your office space is as comfy and welcoming as possible. For example, you could swap out tired office chairs for newer models that offer your employees proper back and neck support.

Let in natural light

One of the simplest ways to update your office space is by swapping out institutional lighting (which is often associated with headaches and low moods) for natural lighting. For example, allowing natural light to enter the office – by removing bulky curtains – is scientifically proven to boost efficiency and productivity and can also lift your mood.

Check your supplies

Food isn’t the only thing that has a use-by date. A lot of fairly standard workplace supplies do too. In particular, some forms of safety equipment do. Even if they don’t, if they’ve been left unattended for an extended period, they may have deteriorated.

Do your inventory check early so that, if necessary, you have plenty of time to get in fresh supplies. This is particularly important with critical items such as PPE. Firstly you may literally not be able to work without it. Secondly, seeking advice from a reputable supplier (like MTN Shop) could help ensure that you get the proper equipment to protect you effectively especially if your workplace involves potential hazards.

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