How to Upkeep the Same Great Looks of Protective Hair Styles in Their Last Stages?

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I’ve heard people say, “what’s the point of natural hair if it’s always in a protective style?” Or “You don’t really love your hair if you don’t wear it out all the time.” And it’s usually from someone who is skeptical of natural hair in the first place.

In the same fashion that we are a multifaceted people, so is our hair. You have curly strong hair, wavy clip-ins, and everything in between and beyond. We have even seen celebrities show off their bountiful natural manes as they take a breather in between weaves.

So then does a natural protective hair style mean that you’re ashamed of your natural hair? No. And your protective style – be it weave, braids, faux locks, your hair twisted – is between you and your hair.

In a movement that was supposed to unshackle us from judgment and help us embrace our individuality, I’m noticing that we now judge how “natural” one is.

How can we make up in our mind that because one person wears a weave as a PT and another braids, the one with braids “embraces” her naturalness more than the one with the weave? Both styles were created to protect your hair as you go through the daily ebb and flow of life.

As naturals, we’ve all done it. That phase where if your protective style was milk, you’d be in the “day before it spoils” area. I’ve done it. Plenty of times… I’m here now! Which is why I’m writing this article! To help you maximize that last 2-3 days out of your protective style.

Embrace the Fuzz

Woman brushing her hair

I woke up this morning and even with my hair scarf still secure; there was fuzz. I can’t call out for a bad hair day (oh how I wish I could) so I had to turn my frown upside down. I dabbed a little brown gel and with a soft bristled brush, lightly brushed the edges back put my scarf on again and hopped in the shower. And voila!

Go out with a Bang

Marley bow hairstyleMy hair has been in a faux-hawk/pompadour for two weeks. So, for these last few days I’ve decided to do a Marley Bow. The weekend is here, and you can get away with a bow better on a Friday than a Monday. I may even add a print scarf in the mix tomorrow… Who knows?!

Know Your Limits

Woman with long hair

Know when enough is enough. That’s considerable growth and it’s better to get out sooner than later. Never try to hold on to a PS way past its time. 2-3 days tops. After that you risk damaging your edges and hair in general. Especially, if you’ve added hair to your protective style… The weight of additional hair + pulling = damaged hair. It’s not worth that!

Happy reading!

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