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So, you’ve got a Mac, you’ve got friends on Facebook who use iChat, but after being spoiled by the gorgeous Mac OS X user interface it feels a little bit backwards to use Facebook in a browser tab, right? There is this huge debate taking place currently regarding what the best native application for Facebook is on a Mac. In my opinion, and that of my colleagues at Previous Magazine; The solution is iChat in place of Facebook Chat in the browser.

The easy way to use Facebook Chat is iChat

Interested in using Facebook chat via XMPP in iChat? Here is how:

  1. In iChat, open Preferences, and go to the Accounts tab. Click the plus sign at the bottom of the window to add a new account.
  2. Select Jabber Account from the Account Type drop-down menu.
  3. Enter [email protected] in the Account Name field, and enter your Facebook password in the Password field. Replace your_username with your Facebook username, obviously.
  4. Click the triangle next to Server Options to reveal those settings. Enter in the Server field, and 5222 in the Port field. Make sure the Use SSL box is not checked.
  5. Click Done.
And here is what the settings should look similar to:
Setting Up Facebook Chat On iChat
If you’re having trouble finding your username you can go to, click on iChat then look at the third step.
And ta-da!
Users Online On iChat

Nice and simple, right? Now there’s no excuse to avoid your friends and family on iChat!

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