How to Visually Improve Your Coworking Desk

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Most of us spend a major portion of our day at our office desks. A coworking space is no exception. While you may not always be in control of how your day at work goes, the layout of your desk and your office environment can have a significant impact on your overall productivity. Hence, there is nothing wrong with decorating your desk a little bit and making it more interesting.

If you are wondering how to improve your coworking desk visually, keep reading this post. Still not found yourself a coworking space? Try search queries similar to ‘coworking space San Francisco‘ to get more relevant results.

Declutter Your Desk

Before you decorate your coworking desk, it’s essential for you to first clean it up. You can start decluttering by arranging all items into categories, like office supplies, books, papers, files, and miscellaneous items. Once you have done that, check each item and see whether these objects contribute to your efficiency or make you feel more positive. If not, get rid of all the unnecessary items.

Bring in Nature

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Since you cannot go outside in the greenery and bright sunshine, you can always bring inside some natural elements. Plants are a perfect way to adorn your coworking desk. If you have plenty of space on your desk, add as many potted plants on your desk as you can. It will cheer you up and help you to focus more on your work. You can also bring in a large plant and keep it next to your desk. Just keep in mind to water the plant regularly.

If you are looking for low-maintenance plants to place on your desk, you can go for a spider plant, cactus, or a peace lily.

Add Desk Lamps

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Are you fed up with the fluorescent lighting inside your workplace? Invest in a desk lamp to add more warmth to your space. Placing a lamp or a halogen bulb on your desk can act as a small direct source of light, which is perfect for work that has more details. Lamps can also provide some extra brightness, especially on days when you are working late.

Get Personal Belongings


If you’ve been allotted a dedicated desk in the coworking area, you can make it your own personal space by putting your personal items on the desk. You can bring photos, souvenirs, or anything that reflects your style. Bear in mind that you will spend several hours working there, so only keep items on your desk that makes you feel happy and encourages you to concentrate on your task.

If the man of your life could do with a little more flair on his desk, check out some personalized stationery for men.

Use Colors that Motivate You

Minimalist workspace

Colors can have a psychological impact on your productivity and mood. Primary colors like blue, red, yellow, and green all have different effects on different situations. For instance, red can be used for a productivity boost, blue makes you feel calm, yellow boosts creativity, and if you need extra inspiration, orange works the best. Whereas, for some positivity and peacefulness, you can use green color.

You can add these colors on your desk in the form of potted green plants, colorful non-slip desk mats, or a flashy mug that energizes your mood. Incorporating your favorite colors on your coworking desk can make you more productive and feel happier.

Now that you know how to visually improve your coworking desk for maximum productivity, you are ready to declutter and decorate your coworking desk! Remember, your dedicated desk is your personal space, and it should be well-organized and comfortable.

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